It’s raining cats and dogs…

Although the rain stopped us travelling to sacred Heart we still had a lovely, calm Mass in school on Tuesday. Thank you to all the friends and family who attended.

As you know, it is our Advent Service next Tuesday and we still need parents to help us walk the children to and from the church. If you are able to help, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Vocabulary home learning has gone out today. For spelling homework, children need to practise the Year 5/6 spellings using a strategy of their own choice.

**Please remember that Reading Challenge Passports are due in by next Wednesday.

We hope you are still able to join us, on Friday morning (9.15 – 11.45), for our DT STEM day.

Have an enjoyable weekend,

The Year 5 Team

It’s a bit chilly!

Another busy week but with the added bonus of going to Fort Nelson, to support our work about WWII in the local area. All of Year 5 became ‘German spies’ for the day, in order to find out as much information as possible about the fort. It was a very cold day but at least the rain stayed away. Many thanks to the parents who volunteered their time by accompanying us.

A few photos of the day:

Enjoy your weekend,

The Year 5 Team

STEM day reminder – 06.12.19

Just a quick reminder that you are all welcome to come along for our family learning session on the 6th December, where you will have the opportunity to work with your child to create a miniature eco-village.

Please see the letter for any resources you can provide from your recycling.

History galore!

Firstly, we want to celebrate the amazing work that the children have completed over the half term, researching a person as part of Black History Month. They were truly inspired (and outraged) by our starter lesson about the life of Jesse Owens. They then went on to produce some thoughtful work of their own, which is now displayed in our shared area. You are welcome to come and have a look.

Today we had a History deep learning day where we explored how the role of women changed during World War II.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 Team



We got there…..

Wow, what a long and jam packed half term we’ve had!

We have completed two units of work in English, based on Carrie’s War and The Day The War Came; completed lots of concepts in maths (place value, addition, subtraction, methods, perimeter & converting measures) as well as diving into life during World War II. We’ve had whole school Mass, taken part in our Evacuation Day and been on residential to the Sustainability Centre.

As part of Black History Month, the children in Y5 were learning about Jesse Owens. While discovering facts about his life we have had several philosophical conversations about what society was like in 1936.

Half Term Homework Task:

We would like you to research one of the key figures listed below and present your information in a fact file/ poster.

Mary Jackson

Louis Armstrong

Serena or Venus Williams

Katherine Johnson

Stevie Wonder

Raheem Sterling


James Earl Jones

Dorothy Vaughn

Benjamin Zephaniah

Barak Obama

Marcus Rashford


Or, a key figure of your own choice.


Your homework is due on Monday 4th November.

Sumdog homework will also be set.

Wishing you a lovely half term with your family,

The Year 5 Team

5E’s trip to the Sustainability Centre

Even though the weather was a little wetter towards the end, Year 5E still had an amazing time at the Sustainability Centre. Lots of activities, a lot of walking but many new things learnt, including about ourselves and others. 

5SC’s Night Walk across the South Downs

What a fantastic evening it was – no rain or wind, just a fantastic sunset and thousands of stars to welcome us on the Downs. What a privilege it was to be in this place at this time.

Sustainability Trip 5SC

We arrived back at school today very happy, a little tired and with a lot of muddy clothes! What a fantastic time was had by all!!!

A great deal was packed into three day this week and the children gained many new experiences which I’m sure they will share with you tonight and over this weekend.

As they say a picture says a thousand words!

Some Evacuation Day photos from 5E

We’re a long way from Tipperary…

We had a really successful evacuation day on Monday. Please take time to look at a selection of photos from the day.

Children will now use their experience to write a diary as an evacuee, in their English lessons.

Just a reminder:

Year 5SC are going to the Sustainability Centre next Wednesday. Please remember a small packet of biscuits (no nuts please) to share with the class.

Hope you have a lovely, long weekend,

The Year 5 Team