Week 2


We hope you’ve had a lovely week so far and hopefully it will be a dryer and warmer week next week.

As the festive season is coming up, we took the opportunity to use  The Snowman by Raymond Briggs as part of our new English unit. At the start of the week, the children had to carefully follow instructions, in order to make their own snowmen. We were very happy with the cooperation and collaborating demonstrated by the children who thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Unfortunately, over night they melted! So in English we have decided to create an informative leaflet on how to look after your frosty friends. This week we have explored different non-fiction texts, leaflets and explanation texts to identify key features. We have also been learning about cause and effect with casual conjunctions such as ‘Do not place your snowman too close to the fire, as consequently he will melt’. We can’t wait to see the children planning next week!


In Maths, we have explored many aspects of Geometry. Started the week looking at area and understanding the difference between that and perimeter. We then moved onto lines of symmetry, where the children were able to explore different Anglo-Saxon artefacts and complete the shape using mirrors and identifying the lines of symmetry. To finish up on Geometry, we have explored lots of different angles, shapes and lines and how to plot and find coordinates.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3AOoLbA3us Here is a link to a line song that the children loved to sing along to.

We were so amazed at the quality of work that came in from the Rosa Park homework. Children have really delved deep with using their inference skills to describe  her thoughts and opinions, how she has changed the world. Next week we will discussing what happened, what this has influenced by role playing and using conscious alleys.


Just a friendly reminder, homework is sent out on Friday’s and is expected back in the following Friday. The homework that is sent out is a a vocabulary task, maths on SumDog and spellings. Children are tested on their spelling homework every Friday.

Also don’t forget Parents evenings are on Wednesday 26th November from 4-7pm and Thursday 27th November 3.45-6.15pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

Well done Kangroos and Koalas for another fantastic week of learning! Keep up the good work! Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Miss Jackson-Nash, Miss Honeywell and Mrs Cairns

Another busy week…


We hope that you are all well and that you have been enjoying the weekend so far (despite the rain!)

In English, the children have published and evaluated their first person diary entries about the siege of Castle Grotteskew. We were delighted by the variety of skills that the children had confidently and successfully applied across their writing: fronted adverbials, dialogue, possessive apostrophes and a range of sentence types (including relative and subordinate clauses). Well done Year 4! On Friday, the children took part in a History Deep learning day – we focused on a variety of skills as part of our Anglo Saxon learning e.g. making hypotheses, studying clues, sorting statements into true/false groups and deducing information from a range of historical sources. Both classes created a variety of plausible and interesting predictions – great work, everyone!

In Maths, we have continued our learning on measures through the context of calculating perimeter (cm, m and km). In particular, we have focused upon a range of strategies to find the total distance around the outside edge of a range of shapes – e.g. halving and doubling for rectilinear shapes, multiplying by the number of sides for regular 2D shapes, and using multi-link to create a measurable scale for more complex tasks. Please see the photos below of what we found out…

In Science, we have started our learning on States of Matter. We have been looking closely at solids, liquids and gases, using particle drawings and diagrams to help explain each state of matter and how each one can be reached. We look forward next week to learning more about changes of state, as part of our cross-curricular learning on The Snowman in our new English unit. Please see the photos below of practical group work completed in Science…


We look forward to seeing you all next week, and look forward to hearing about how the children have got on with their new Sumdog challenges! Please also note that there will be a Y3/4 Spelling Workshop for parents after school on Monday 11th November 2019 (5.30 – 6.15 pm).

Kind regards,

Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson Nash and Mrs Cairns.

Half Term!


Wow, it has already been a whole half term and we are so proud of how hard the children have worked. Throughout Autumn 1, they have created fantastic pieces of English work, impressed us with their reasoning in maths, experimented and investigated how to make a torch work in science,  became archaeologists and excavators in History and so much more.

This week, we’ve continued  exploring Stitch Head and have been planning and editing our own diary entries, which we will be finishing when we return from half term. Here we have asked the children to use all the skills they have learnt since September such as relative clauses, speech, subordinating clauses and expanded noun phrases. From what they have already come up with, we are in for an exciting read. The diary entry will include how their own created potion will affect a monster and how it will save Grotteskew, building suspense as it reads on.

During Maths this week, the children were introduced to many different bar graphs. On Monday,  the children explored what a bar graph was and attempted to interpret it using think aloud labels explaining what they thought of it. Tuesday, they were presented addition and subtraction question that linked in to the bar graph (for example, how many more ml of unicorn tears is there than liquid lava?). Kangaroos and Koala bears bought all their addition and subtraction strategies together and found solutions to the answer. We continued to learn how to read a bar graph and solve the calculations. As the children worked so hard this term, on Friday they were treated with creating their own potion (just like in Stitch Head!). The children had to work in teams to work out the bar graph problems. With the information they had found out from the bar graph they were able to measure and create their own potions!

Once again Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson-Nash and the rest of the year 4 team have been blown away with the creative homework pieces that the children have worked so hard on!

We hope you have a fantastic half term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 4th November 2019.

Kind regards,

Miss Jackson-Nash, Miss Honeywell and Mrs Cairns

Pray the Rosary Together


We hope that you have all been enjoying the week so far.

In English, Year Four have started their new unit of learning on diary entries, within the context of Stitch Head by Guy Bass. At the start of the week, the children explored a mystery ‘bag of words’ and then made their own predictions about the genre and style of the text they had come from. Well done to all the children for applying their contextual knowledge from our vocabulary homework! As the week progressed, we then began to study the novel in closer detail, looking at the sequence of events for The Siege and plotting them on an emotion graph to compare the build up of tension and suspense between characters throughout a scene. Both classes then enjoyed a creative lesson whereby they designed their own magic potion as part of the resolution to the plot within their diaries – the children demonstrated resilience when they used subordinating and relative clauses to describe and explain how their potions worked. At the end of the week, the children then took part in role play as they began to develop their own dialogue between the two main characters, amidst the action, in the story. Year Four made an excellent effort when using coloured speech bubbles to sequence their ideas.

In Maths, we have continued to learn about addition and subtraction. In particular, we have been exploring a range of strategies that have enabled us to become more efficient when solving number sentences. For example, we have been learning how to use ‘smart jumps’ on a number line (e.g. I know 50 + 38 is the same as 50 + 40 – 2) to support our mental calculations. By the end of the week, the children were able to use bar models, smart jumps as well as the expanded column method (through diennes representation) in order to solve a range of complex multi-step problems. We were impressed by the children’s use of reasoning, bar models and place value vocabulary when discussing problems and comparing strategies amongst their peers. Well done, Year Four! Next week, we look forward to using statistics, and deriving information from bar graphs to compare groups sizes and practise addition and subtraction problems in the context of measure (distance, capacity and weight). Please make sure to  log on to Sumdog this weekend, for Times Table and Measures practise in preparation for next week.

On Friday 18th October 2019, we were lucky enough to take part in Missio’s ‘One Million Children praying’ challenge. As part of our celebrations during the Month of Mary, Year Four gathered in the school hall and joined the Oaklands Chaplain, to pray a decade of the rosary together. Both classes were reflective and respectful during this session. Please see the photos below…

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week with more examples of your Anglo Saxon creative projects!

Kind regards,

Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson-Nash and Mrs Cairns

Publish Time!


It’s already the end of week 5 and it has gone so quickly!

We want to start by saying a huge thank-you to everyone who contributed to CAFOD Wear it Bright day, raising a very impressive £368!

In English, the children were finally given the opportunity of publishes their character description stories. The detail and effort that was in every child’s work was very impressive. The year four team very pleased to see the skills that they had learnt from the previous weeks being transcribed into their own independent pieces. Here are some beautiful examples.

Kangaroos and Koalas cannot wait to share their stories with each other for a special Halloween treat.


In Maths, we have continued to work hard on our expanded column method but this week particularly focusing on subtraction. The children are still using dienes, place value grids and counters to support their learning, but most children have started to move away from this and are confident enough just using numbers. We have been particularly focused on multi-step maths problems and inverse problems, which they have been working really hard on and getting the answers spot on! Just a reminder that Sumdog homework should be set and should be completed by the following Friday.

In science, we have been exploring at electricity and how battery operated lights work. We’ve conducted lots of different experiments to see what components a light needs and what happens if the circuit is broken.


Lastly, we are so impressed with the creative homework that is being brought in. On display, we have got fantastic Anglo-Saxon models and drawings. A selection of menu’s that include an Anglo-Saxon diet and food favourites. This week we were treated with special Anglo-Saxon cakes and shortbread shields that two children made. They both explained it was important to research what Anglo-Saxons ate to be able to make the scrumptious food. Well done to everyone who has brought something in and we are looking forward to seeing the rest!


Shortbread Shield!

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjacks!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you Monday.

Kind regards,

Miss Jackson-Nash, Miss Honeywell and Mrs Cairns

CAFOD Wear it Bright Day


We hope that you have all had a lovely week so far, despite the rain!

This week, the children took part in a CAFOD Wear it Bright non-school uniform day on Friday 4th October 2019. Both Year Four classes came to school wearing a variety of bright colours and they also donated £1 to CAFOD to help those in need around the world. Please see our photos below:

In English, the children have been drafting and editing their character descriptions. We have been particularly impressed by the children’s use of vocabulary and self-evaluation when making their own improvements towards the final written outcome: a character description about a peculiar oddity who is part of Fulbert’s circus. It was fantastic to see the children’s confidence and skill when using relative and subordinate clauses, as well as their variety of short and snappy sentences that had been created for dramatic effect. We look forward to publishing and evaluating these pieces of work next week, before collating them in a Halloween book for each Year Four class to enjoy as a spooky present!

In Maths, we have been working hard to use the expanded column method to add four digit numbers together. In particular, we have been using diennes, arrow cards, counters and place value grids in order to support our counting and learning. As the week progressed, the children were then given a series of word problems and multi-step challenges to solve, which involved the addition of large numbers as well as conversions between different measures (e.g. metres, kilometres, pounds and pence). We were delighted to see the children’s use of collaboration when discussing the strategies they had used to solve each problem. Please do log on to Sumdog to see your next Maths homework on Place Value and for your times tables practise.

We would like to congratulate those children who have already started their Autumn Reading passport challenges and their Anglo Saxon creative projects. Please see a couple of examples of Anglo Saxon houses, below…

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Kind regards,

Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson-Nash and Mrs Cairns.


Week 4


We hope Year 4 enjoyed their extra long weekend and are well rested, ready to start week 5.

We’ve been deep into our learning for nearly a month now and the children has produced some amazing work! In English the children were given the chance to design their own ‘Monstrous Creations’ and annotated it with some exciting and descriptive expanded noun phrases. We also learnt about the importance of subordinating clauses and that the conjunction  can be moved to make our writing more exciting! Koalas and Kangaroos have started to plan out their final story about their monster which is going to include all the writing skills we have explored in year 4.

In Maths, we have finished the first part of the place value unit. The year four team are extremely proud of the hard work the children displayed and how their curiosity has helped them learn so much. Children should now be able to recognise the place value in a four digit number confidently, round numbers to the nearest 10,100,1000 and order 4 digit numbers. We will be revisiting place value in the next term so it is important children continue to practise place value on Sum dog or practise at home.

In the afternoons, children have experienced lots of different learning opportunities and lessons. In Science we explored battery powered devices and found out how the batteries worked and what would happen if the battery was on used on a continuous circuit. In history we explored artefacts. The children also wrote beautiful letters to Winchester Castle, retelling their favourite parts of the day and all that they learnt.

Due to the inset day, children will be given homework on Monday. The homework will be expected back in a week later. Thank you to everyone for completing the new vocabulary homework. It has had a great impact on the children’s writing as the vocabulary has been noticed in lots of children’s work within the right context.

Just a reminder on Friday 4th October, St Peters is celebrating the great work of CAFOD. Children are allowed to wear brightly coloured clothes to school to celebrate ‘Wear it bright for Harvest’  and we kindly ask for a £1 donation to put towards the charity. We look forward to seeing the children in their colour blinding outfits!

We hope you have a lovely week and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

Miss Jackson-Nash, Miss Honeywell and Mrs Cairns

Trip to Winchester Cathedral and Museum


We hope that you have all had a pleasant week so far.

This week, we took the children on a school trip to Winchester Cathedral and Museum as part of our topic learning on the Anglo Saxons! The children had a wonderful time and took part in the following workshops…

  • Anglo Saxon Pot Handling (City Museum)
  • Guided Tour on artefacts and infrastructure (Cathedral)
  • King Alfred’s challenge: making engraved silver badges, Anglo Saxon Ruins and Illumination paintings (Learning Centre)

The children were exceptionally behaved and were fantastic representatives of our school, asking thoughtful questions along the way to deepen their historical knowledge on the Anglo Saxons. Well done Year Four! Please see the photos of our school trip, below.

In English, the children have completed their Apprentice Writing. We were delighted to see the following skills being applied across the children’s character descriptions for Stitch Head: expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, relative clauses and adverbial phrases. As the week progressed, the children then took part in an ‘animal hybrid’ game, using IT to generate their own creatures which shall then become the key focus for our written outcome. We were very impressed by the vocabulary and adjectives used by the children.

In Maths, Year Four have been learning how to order four-digit numbers on a number line, before using the <,  > and = signs to compare the numbers and derive their own facts. Both classes have focused upon using the following place value vocabulary as part of their reasoning: greater than, less than, equal to, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We would like to congratulate the children for their commitment, especially when completing tricky place value challenges and ordering problems involving a variety of scales on different types of number lines. Next week, we look forward to learning about how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Be sure to log on to the Sumdog website to practise the skills we have been learning in class!

Just to let you know…

  • The children have received their ‘creative task’ homework for the Anglo Saxons (please see the back page of the red home learning books for a copy of this).
  • Reading passports for the Autumn term have now been sent home. The prize for the winner shall be a trip to see The Wizard of Oz performance at Chichester Festival Theatre, whilst all other participants shall be rewarded with 15 minutes extra playtime.
  • INSET day is on Friday 27th September 2019.

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson-Nash and Mrs Cairns

First Week Back


First week of the academic year has already finished and the children have already learned so much!

In English, children have been studying the book Stitch Head by Guy Bass, exploring the different language and effects it has on the reader. We started our week by using our inference skills to understand how Stitch Head was feeling and what clues helped us. We spotted that the nouns and adjectives gave us big clues, one example the children dissected was ‘ the lonesome put-together,  who hugged his bony knees tightly,  watched his professor walk away’. As they dissected the text, they also spotted a range of skills (like adverbs, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials) in which they used within their own apprentice writes. Next week, the year four team are excited to see the children finish their ‘monstrous stories’.

In maths, we have continued to explore place value and four digit numbers. Children were given a problem regarding place value of a four digit number  in which they had to exchange. Here the children discussed and explored using the tools and found out that ’35 hundreds’ were equivalent to 3500. They then moved onto ordering and comparing four digit numbers, looking closely at each place holder and finding its value.

The children were very excited this week when they discovered a ‘burial site’,where lots of artefacts were excavated. The children looked at the artefacts and made predictions of what they were and where they came from. Koalas and Kangaroos also made exciting predictions as what they would look like now and if we still used them. Next week the children will look more closely at he artefacts and discover more clues. Hopefully we will find out who these artefacts belonged to!

We would like to thank everyone for getting back into routine so well and we’re excited for the rest of the year ahead! As part of year 4, the children will be set homework every Friday,to be returned the following week. This includes spellings, reading and maths on Sum dog. The first week back most children have completed their work,which we were very happy about.We understand that some children’s activity on Sum dog hasn’t be logged. We want children to be assured not to worry and we will try and get it fixed as soon as possible.

A quick reminder of the following key dates:

  • Tuesday 17th September (3.30pm): Y4 Parent Welcome Meeting
  • Wednesday 18th September 2019: Y4 trip to Winchester Museum and Cathedral

We would also like to say a big thank you for all the parent volunteers who are helping on the school trip. We now have enough adult support to go and look forward to sharing the day with you.

We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week!

Kind regards,

Miss Jackson-Nash, Miss Honeywell and Mrs Cairns

Welcome Back!


We hope that you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer holidays and that you are all feeling refreshed and ready for the new school term.

Year Four have been very excited to begin their new topic, ‘Monstrous inventions!’ As part of our cross-curricular learning, the children have been exploring their new English text, Stitch Head, by Guy Bass. On our first day back to school, we watched a short video clip about the story and then annotated the text more closely as we searched for examples of powerful expanded noun phrases. The children then had a go at using vocabulary mats and thesauruses to create their very own descriptive sentences about the appearance of the main character. We were amazed by the level of the children’s vocabulary and their use of alliteration and simile to entertain the reader. Here is a couple of great examples from pupil’s books – ‘his piercing, pearlescent eyes shimmered like jewels in the moonlight’; ‘the child’s skeletal, gaunt hands wriggled like twisting tree branches along the banister’. Well done Year 4!

In Maths, we have been learning about place value and have been exploring thousands – within the context of four digit numbers – for the very first time. As part of an investigation, both classes were given a set of hundreds, tens and ones diennes and asked to show what they thought 1000 would look like. We had some very interesting discussions about what 1000 is ‘made up of’. Already, the children were able to use place value vocabulary such as thousands, hundreds, bigger and smaller. Each group was excited to use the Maths tools on their tables to discover how 1000 is equivalent to ten lots of 100s. The children then had a go at a dice game to generate their own 4 digit numbers, before filling a place value grid to show multiple representations of the number (place value counters, arrow cards, words) – as a challenge, some children also attempted exchange problems e.g. ‘What if… I rolled an 11 for the hundreds digit, on my 12-sided dice? What would happen to your 4 digit number?’ (solution: it would become 1100).

Just to let you know that the children have all received a times table Sumdog challenge, along with spelling home learning and a coloured band reading book, all of which are to be completed by Friday 13th September 2019. Please ensure your child records the work that they have completed in their new home learning diaries.

A quick reminder of the following key dates:

  • Friday 13th September 2019: deadline for school trip reply slips
  • Tuesday 17th September (3.30pm): Y4 Parent Welcome Meeting
  • Wednesday 18th September 2019: Y4 trip to Winchester Museum and Cathedral

We hope that you have all had a good weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week. If you would like to volunteer to help on our school trip, please contact the school office as soon as possible – your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson-Nash and Mrs Cairns.