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Our camping experience by Reuben and Luca 4P

On Friday 26th June 2015, year 4 went on a camping trip on the school field. At 3.15 the bell went. RING! We got out onto the field. Luca and I dove into our tent and did our best to tidy our tent. When Mr Austin came round for tent inspection, he said ours was the tidiest and we felt really excited that we got tidiness points! We got into our onesies and enjoyed toasted marshmallows around the campfire. YUM! After that, we played football, fishie fishie, and capture the flag. Our team kept on losing! For dinner we all ate fish and chips. We got into our tents at 9:30  after lots of fun ready to get a good  nights sleep! But did we…

We had a great time and we can’t wait until year 5 when we have runways end trip

By Reuben and Luca




Our big camping adventure is tomorrow and we just wanted to remind you of a few things.

Children can come into school tomorrow wearing their own clothes. Also, if you are bringing a tent please can you arrive at school to set up your tent between 8.00 and 9.00 am, if you are able to. On Saturday morning we ask that the children are collected by 9.00am promptly.

Please could children have the following:

  • Sleeping bag, pillow and blanket.
  • Roll mat.
  • Night clothes and spare jumper.
  • Wash kit.
  • Torch.
  • Cuddly toy.
  • Change of clothes for the morning (especially socks!)
  • A waterproof coat.
  • Wellies. (If the weather has been wet)
  • A book to read.

We look forward to our big camping trip tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be nice!

Thank You, The Year 4 Team.

Richard Hunt – What an inspiration!


On Tuesday of this week we were fortunate enough to have a man called Richard Hunt come in and talk to us. Richard came and talked to us about his life and experiences. He inspired us all, through the way that he overcame the loss of a limb and ended up skydiving, bungee jumping, sailing and even attempting to kayak around Britain.

Despite being unsuccessful in his first attempt, he has not given up and is now in training once more! You can get more information about his challenge here:

This would be a great opportunity for the children to link their home learning of ‘Failure is the best way to learn’ to finding more about his journey. As always Abacus and Mymaths have been updated- at the moment we are having a focus on the children learning their timestables.

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

Magical Maths with DC Beagle


This week we have had a visit from DC Beagle who put on an excellent Maths workshop for the children. He showed us lots of card tricks and gave the children lots of challenges to do. One challenge involved the children fitting all of the domino pieces into a puzzle. The children had great fun and thank you to all of the parents that were able to attend. The children loved having you there!

Below are some of the pictures, for those of you who were unable to attend:

WIN_20150518_011712    WIN_20150518_010547CROPPEDWIN_20150518_011638

Abacus and My Maths have been updated so the children can get started with their home learning.   It has been great to see some new home learning already being brought in for our class display!

Year 4 team

Failing is the best way to learn!

Today we launched our new topic – Failure is the best way to learn!

The children have been researching lots of different inventions and foods that were created by mistake and understanding that making mistakes is how we learn. They have started to make a powerpoint displaying all of the inventions and at the end of the term would like to share these with you.

We hope this topic encourages the children to take more risks with their learning and see a challenge as a good thing, not a negative!

We have attached the home learning pyramid below to give the children ideas about what they could do at home to help their learning in school.

We look forward to sharing this home learning with the year.

Bloom’s HL – Failure is the best way to learn

Abacus, Mymaths and Bugclub have all been updated and we hope to see the children using these resources regularly.

Thank you

The year 4 team

Guitar Concert – 6th July

Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 4 Music Concert on Monday 6th July at 2.15pm

This term the children have been learning to play the guitar. They have been working hard with Mrs McKenzie, our music teacher from the Hampshire Music Service, to learn and develop new skills to a range of different songs.

Our summer music concert, to show what they children have learnt, will be held in the school hall on Monday the 6th July at 2.15pm. The concert will last approximately 25 minutes. We really hope you will be able to join us for this concert and celebrate with us the children’s successes in music this year.

Please note that parking will be unavailable on the school site.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Plummer & Mr Austin

Music Workshop – 060715


Assembly Preparation


This week in year 4 we have started our assembly rehearsals and everyone has been given a script to help them learn their parts.

To make this assembly exciting for those watching, it would be really nice if the children come in costume as their role. An example of a Saxon below:

AS-man-coloured1Of course we do not expect you to spend any money on the costume. In fact those that are put together with the children are usually the best.

A reminder that My maths and Abacus home learning is set each week. Thank you to all the children that do go on each  week as is our expectation. If you have trouble finding time to go onto these home learning websites, or have difficulty accessing the internet, our computing suite is opening each morning from 8am.

Thank you,

Year 4 Team




Was Alfred so Great?


welcome back to school year 4! I was so impressed with all of the homelearning that the children got up to over the Easter break. The Saxon houses made out of wood and straw were amazing. Such detail went into them even down to little fires and pots inside them.

I can see that some children have already started to research our new topic about King Alfred – Was Alfred so Great? We will be investigating why King Alfred was labelled great and if we agree with it. We have attached our new home learning pyramid to give the children some ideas of what they could learn and how below:

Bloom’s HL – Was Alfred so Great

In maths this week we have been focusing on learning how to tell the time, which is a very important skill. The children’s home learning this week focuses on time telling and the more they practise the easier it will be for them.

On abacus and Mymaths this week we have designated time activities to help the children practise this skill.


In music this term we are now learning how to play the guitar and will again be having a concert at the end of the summer term. The children are very excited!

We look forward to posting some more pictures of the children’s learning at school soon.

Thank you,

The year 4 team


Clarinet Concert!


Thank you to so many of you for turning up to our clarinet concert! We hope you all enjoyed it and that it was clear how much effort the children put into learning the instrument. Photos to follow soon!

We wish you all a very happy Easter holidays and are looking forward to starting our next topic – Was Alfred So Great?

The children have all written what they would like to do over the break for their home learning.

The Easter holidays are a great time to get involved with some more creative and elaborate project ideas.

For example – a saxon village, a saxon board game or a saxon outfit/helmet/sword etc.

Abacus and Mymaths have all been updated too.

Again, have a lovely break!

The year 4 team 🙂

Beowulf by the fire!


This week we have continued to enjoy learning about Beowulf and the Saxons. We decided to have our own storytime around a campfire as they did in Saxon times. The children were given the choice of what they wanted to write about Beowulf and decided on stories, diary entries, letters and information leaflets about the Saxons. We were very impressed with the descriptive language the children used and how much they entertained us around the camp fire! Some children even overcome their fear of public speaking and gave it a go anyway.

WIN_20141121_225452 WIN_20141121_225509 WIN_20141121_225426 WIN_20141121_225219 WIN_20141121_224752




The clarinet concert will be held next Monday at 2:30pm in the hall and we hope to see you there!


Home learning:

Abacus and Mymaths have been updated as usual with some fractions and place value work as we are working on fractions at the moment in class. The children have been learning to find equivalent fractions and how to add fractions with the same denominator.

Bugclub has now become part of active learn and all of the children’s books have now been assigned to them. So please enjoy the books and activities on there as usual.