Multiplication Tests!

Hello everyone,

We hope you are keeping well and that you enjoyed the sun whilst it lasted!

This week in English, we have started our new unit that focuses on climate change. We started the week by investigating and exploring increased human activity and how such things like global warming, deforestation, greenhouse gases etc are increasing at an alarming rate. Once we study these topics, the children created their own alphabetical glossary. Next week, we will begin our debates arguing whether a nitrous oxide fuel car is better than an electric car whereby the children will need to evidence to back up their case.

It has been a busy maths week! Firstly we would like to congratulate and thank all the children forĀ  completing their official times table test that took place this week. They were so calm and sensible throughout. We would also like to express our thanks to parents who have worked so hard with children at home with their times tables. We are hoping to get the results later on this term, however these will not be shared with the children as they are only used for a Year 4 teachers data purposes. Back to maths, for the rest of the week the children have been problem solving with money using their inverse and estimation skills. Next week, we will begin our final fractions unit of Year 4!

In Science this week, we continued to explore how sound travels to our ear. The children were posed the question ‘Which would help you hear more, big cone ears or small cone ears?’. Once they made their prediction, the children studied different animal’s ears shape and position, thinking about the size of animals ears. They then went onto sign using sign language alphabet so they were able to appreciate being able to hear sound. We finished the lesson by creating ‘Cone ears’ and making a hypothesis on which allowed more sound to travel to your ear.

A few polite reminders –

  1. Please ensure you send your child into school in their correct PE kits on Tuesday 22nd June 2021 for KS2 Sports day. (unfortunately no parents to this event) If weather permits, this will take place on the field. Hay fever is a real problem at the moment, so if your child suffers please send them in with appropriate hay fever medication or take it before coming to school.
  2. Please encourage your children to continue with their spelling, vocabulary, reading journals and Times Table Rock Star (Sound Check) home learning.
  3. St Peter’s Carnival will take place on Friday 25th June 2021. Year 4’s country theme is Australia. So please send your child into school with summer clothes, flipflops, hats etc, or even better ‘Australian themed’ clothing. We are also askingĀ  if anyone at home has any Australian themed stuffed animals, pool floaters (crocodiles or fish), artefacts to please bring them in for the afternoon. We will ensure all items bought in are looked after and cleaned on return. Thank you in advance.
  4. Reading passports are due 1st July 2021.


We hope that you have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Best wishes,

Miss Honeywell, Miss Jackson-Nash and Mrs Cairns.

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