STEM Day fun to end the week!

Dear all,

STEM DAY fun ends another busy week in which we began to write our aboriginal stories and started our geometry unit in maths.

We explore the topic of SOUND today with various investigations into how sounds are made and how sound travels. We conducted an investigation into pitch, volume by making pan pipes and harmonicas and considered how we could change variables to change the pitch our instruments.

See our results investigations below:

Creating sound waves.

Investigation how sound waves travel and how they change with distance.

Investigation sound vibrations.

Playing our made instruments varying the pitch and volume.


Golden Key:

4S: Maddie Gissing: ‘For using the gifts God has given her to be a positive, happy member of the class.’

4B: Daniel Tan: ‘For using the gifts God has given her to be a thoughtful, member person.’

Showstopper Writer:

4S: Promise Mndzebele: ‘For writing an effective story opening to an excellent standard.’

4B: Caris Mpario: ‘For carefully editing and re-drafting her story introduction.’


Sports Day Monday 1st July – Children to come in their PE kits. Remember to bring water bottle, suncream and a hat if hot weather predicted.

Camping Night – Friday 5th July. Parents who have offered tents will be contacted next week by the office staff.

If you have not given in your food choices and contact numbers, please do so as soon as possible as we will be unable to accept your child for the night without the permission/health/contact slip.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 4 Team


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