Friday 7th June 2019

Dear all,

In Maths this week, we have completed our measures unit with time. We were applying different strategies to aid with our problem solving. We will be revisiting our fractions and decimals and recalling ‘what we know’ to apply that to new learning on tenths and hundredths.

In English, we have been publishing and evaluating our non-chronological reports about our chosen mythical creature. The children have worked so hard on producing high quality texts that will hook, engage and inform their audience. The children will choose a selection to be sent to J.K Rowling.

In RE we began our Pentecost, unit by role playing The coming of the Holy Spirit and considering our reactions and actions as modern- day apostles.


Golden Key:

4S: Sabrina McGannan: ‘For using the gifts God has given her to show thoughtful and kind actions to others.’

4B: Louis Read: ‘for consistently working hard all year.’

Showstopper Writer:

4S: Faith Martin: ‘For writing an effective non-chronological report for a mythical creature to an excellent standard.’

4B: Mikayla Black: ‘For effective editing of her report.’

May 2019 – Mathemagician of the Month:

4S: Isabel Thomas: ‘For challenging herself with her problem solving and reasoning in Maths.’

4B: Ethan Tinsley-Jones: ‘For his impressive learning on time.’


Fathers Day Sale – Wednesday 12th June for Year 4. Bring between £1-£5 in a purse or sealed envelope.

Friday 14th June – Sports Day – children to come into school wearing their PE kit. They will remain in their kit all day. If the weather is due to be wet, further details will follow as to alternative arrangements.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 4 Team

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