A soggy trip to end to our week…

Dear all,
Our soggy end to the week brought a trip to Marwell. The children enjoyed a workshop about the different types of animals at Marwell and how they adapt to their habitats in the wild as well as considering how certain species become endangered. The children were introduced up-close to a hissing cockroach and an albino rat. We then explored the rest of the park and had an interesting encounter with a tiger before visiting the tropical house, the giraffes and finally the penguins. We returned to the coach, wet and cold but having enjoyed the experience despite of the inclement weather.

In English this week, we have continued with our Goodies vs Baddies unit. This week we have been looking at newspaper reports and articles and analysing their layout and language features. Next week the children will write a report about a superhero dual.
In Maths we have been continuing our Statistics unit with analysing and interpreting data using line graphs. Please continue to support the children’s times tables learning, with secure times table knowledge this really supports learning across other units including fractions and multiplication and division.
Please continue to encourage your children to take part in the reading challenge; the prize for completing the reading challenge and being drawn from the hat is a trip to Rock Up in Whiteley which the children are very excited about.
Next week we will be hearing the children’s poetry performances to vote for the grand final so please continue to support your children with their poem.
Golden Key
4s: James Watson: ‘For using the gifts God has given him to share his learning and focus more on his work task.’
4B: Hollie King: ‘For using the gifts God has given her to be a kind and conscientious member of the class.’
Showstopper Writer:
4S: Albie Brough: ‘For producing a tense descriptive commentary of Peter Pan Vs Hook.’
4B: Filip Machedon: ‘For a creative opening to his descriptive commentary.’
Mathemagician of the Month – January 2019
4S: Roberta Ouatu: ‘For constantly challenging herself in her problem solving to a high standard.’
4B: Daniel Ostrowski: ‘For thinking critically to prove why his answers are correct.’
Home learning expectations are 10 minutes per day each on a Reading, Spelling and Maths activity. This needs to be updated each day in the home learning diary and this is checked on a Thursday.
We hope you have a lovely week.
The Year 4 Team

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