Friday 1st February

Dear all,

In English this week, we have continued with our Goodies vs Baddies unit. This week we have been evaluating texts to find features that create atmosphere and tension. We then used these features to help us plan and begin our final drafts.

In Maths we have been continuing our Statistics unit with analysing data and transferring it into bar charts, choosing an appropriate scale. We continue this next week by introducing line graphs. Please continue to support the children’s times tables learning, with secure times table knowledge this really supports learning across other units including fractions and multiplication and division.

In RE this week, we continue our Revelations unit, the children explored whether you are able to go to Heaven if you have sinned. They came up with some very convincing cases which were supported by their use of scripture.

Tuesday afternoon we were investigating artifacts excavated from the site where the new building will stand. After our investigation we found that they were Anglo-Saxon, we hope to learn more about this in the future. We had a lovely time Thursday afternoon, when we all took part in dance activities at Oaklands. Thank you to the year 9 children who taught us new dance routines.

Please continue to encourage your children to take part in the reading challenge; the prize for completing the reading challenge and being drawn from the hat is a trip to Rock Up in Whiteley which the children are very excited about.

With less than two weeks left, continue to support your children with their off by heart poetry. We are all looking forward to hearing their performances.


Golden Key

4s: Joshua Hill: ‘For using the gifts God has given him to share his learning and focus more on his work task.’

4B: Charlie Wright: ‘For using the gifts God has given him to have a positive learning attitude and enthusiasm for maths.’

Showstopper Writer:

4S: Ruby Browne: ‘For producing a thoughtful response to her viewpoint in RE.’

4B: Daniella Pacheco: ‘For creating a well-argued response to her question in RE.’


Home learning expectations are 10 minutes per day each on a Reading, Spelling and Maths activity. This needs to be updated each day in the home learning diary and this is checked on a Thursday.

We hope you have a lovely week.

The Year 4 Team

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