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Friday 27th April 2018

What happened to the sunshine?!

A lovely and hard working second week for Year 4!

In Maths we have been pushing through our vast fractions and decimals unit, focusing on understanind decimal equivalence for hundredths and tenths. For example: 0.32 is 32/100 or 3/10 + 2/100. Developing this skills further, we have been applying it to a range of problems and emphasising precise reasoning. We have also been rounding and comparing decimals use the ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ symbols. For example: I think 1.4 is bigger than 1.46. Do you agree? Prove it.


English lessons this week have ben focused around preparing to write our gruesome, terrifying yet delicious monster recipes related to our Beowolf topic. We’ve experiemented with writing the same sentence but in a range of different ways (to promote a deeper understanding of sentence skills) and introductions ready for our appetising recipes. Once we’ve finished our plans, we’ll begin writing them next week.


In RE we’ve been identifying and understanding key phrases about Heaven from a range of scriptures. Using this information, we’ve each produced a pieces of artwork about what we believe Heaven is like, making links to the scripture where possible.


For homework this week, the children should practice converting between different unit of measure.

For spellings:

Groups 1 and 2 should practice:

playing (play)

hopping (hop)

cramming (cram)

starring (star)

pouring (pour)


Group 3 and 4 should practice

interesting (interest)

elaborating (elaborate)

buzzing (buzz)

plugging (plug)

trimming (trim)


The rule is:

If a verb ends in a consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pattern it gets a double consonant + ing.

This rule DOESN’T work for words ending in: w,x,y and z.


Have a lovely weekend!

Team 4

Friday 20th April 2018

What a busy first week back!

This week in Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of fractions and multiplying and dividing by ten and one hundred to find their decimal equivalents.

In English, we’ve begun writing gruesome recipes for creating ‘human soup’, inspired by our new unit on Beowulf, which is linked to our ‘Saxons’ topic.

In RE, we have been looking at the Resurrection of Jesus, comparing the four accounts of the story which appear in the Gospel.

For spellings, children have been given one of the two sets of spellings below – they should know which! This is a two-week spelling block and the test will be next Friday.

Group 1: 12

Option (root: opt)

Conclusion (root: conclude)

Impression (root: impress)

Permission (root: permit)

Magician (root: magic)

Group 2: 20

Physician (root: physics)

Interception (root: intercept)

Obsession (root: obsess)

Invasion (root: invade)

Omission (root: omit)


The root word has been given as this will help the children to choose the correct ‘shun’ suffix.

The rule is:

-‘tion’: The most common ending

-‘sion’: when the root ends in se or d(e)

-‘ssion’: when the root has ‘ss’ or ends in ‘mit’

-‘cian’: most common for occupations.


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Team 4.