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Friday 26th January 2018

What an interesting end to the week in Year 4! Ask your child about the science experiment we did this afternoon…

In Maths, this week we having been learning to tell the time. From our individual starting points, we have progressed to reading the analogue and digital time (12 and 24 hour). We have also solved word problems involving time intervals and reading timetables.

Our English work this week has involved writing an exciting commentary of Peter Pan and Hook’s battle using a variety of impressive vocabulary. We have now moved on to understanding the features of a play script, taking speech from a graphic novel and changing its format.

RE this week has progressed onto looking closely at Jesus’s Presentation at the Temple. We have written the headline and opening paragraph of a newspaper, reporting the story.

For home learning over next week the children will benefit from continuing to practise telling the time in both analogue and digital (12hr and 24hr). It has been suggested that a ‘time diary’ would be a good idea to complete. For example, at what time did you eat dinner and how long did this last for? In preparation for our next unit of work on Measurement (converting mm-cm, g-kg, for example), children should refresh themselves on place value (multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000).

3/4 spellings to practise:










(silent letters)


Super 6 spellers have:








(oa sound – various graphemes)


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Team!

19th January 2018

Another week finished in Year 4!

In Maths this week we having been look at finding fractions of amounts and solving simple word problems involving fractions.

Our English work this week has involved orally rehearsing vocabulary in preparation to write a commentary for a scene in the Peter Pan film.

RE this week has progressed onto looking closely at Jesus’s Transfiguration and its link to light.

For home learning over next week the children have to practise telling the time in both analogue and digital (12hr and 24hr). This could include counting the number of minutes until a given point and converting minutes to hours (and vice versa). If this is something you find easy, then why not try solving word problems that involve time conversions!

Why not try learning this off-by-heart…

30 days have September, April, June and November.

All the rest have 31.

Except for February alone, which has 28 each year and 29 each leap year!

3/4 spellings to practise:








(Double consonant words)


Super 6 spellers have:







(the long ‘igh’ phoneme)


Finally, some children will have the next set of five YR5/6 words.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Team!

Friday 12th January 2018


In Maths we have been continuing with our work on fractions. In particular, the children have been finding equivalent fractions and adding fractions with the same denominator, sometimes with the total being greater than one whole.

In English we have been continuing our Captain Hook character description, using a variety of sentence openers, noun phrases and figurative language. Here is a phrase from 4HA’s Showstopper Writer this week: ‘The devilish captain, menacingly gazed at the retreating crew, intimidating them as they sailed the rippled, moonlit sea.’

In RE we have begun our unit on Revelations by looking at the multi-faith element of Diwali. We have been studying Rangoli – an artform handed down through the generations, typically painted outside people’s doors to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi and her good luck in. The children designed and created their own patterns along the walkways in school.

Please check your child’s school bag for the maths homework sheet and their diary, where they should have written their spellings to be completed over the next week.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Team 4  🙂

Welcome back!


We hope that 2018 has started well for you. We are off to a good start in Year 4:

In Maths we have been continuing with fractions. The children have retained their knowledge from before Christmas very well, completing a loop card challenge with their peers. They solved problems and defined key terminology such as ‘mixed number’, ‘improper’ and ‘equivalent’ fractions.

In English we have started looking at Captain Hook as a character from our new book, Peter Pan. The children have learnt and used some new vocabulary to generate phrases and sentences to describe him and his crew. For example:

  • nonchalant
  • villainous
  • menacing
  • regal

In RE we have finished our short unit of ‘Christmas’ and we look forward to starting ‘Revelations’ next week.

We hope that you have received the letter regarding the changes to our homework policy and that you and your child will find it beneficial. Spellings have been set this week and are in your child’s diary. We would like to remind you that diaries should be in school every day. Maths homework will be sent home next week.

Wishing you a restful weekend, ready for a full week at school starting Monday!


Team 4  🙂