Happy Half Term

This week in English we have created new and exciting robots with marvellous features to benefit a given target audience. We worked in groups to create a TV advert, which we used to publish a written advert using persuasive language and rhetorical questions.

In maths, we have been continuing to look at multiplication and division, in particular, looking at factors of a given number.

In RE, we have been thinking about our priorities in life and what prevent us from spending time with God. We have engaged with silent prayer to be closer to Him.

Whilst we wish you a wonderful, restful half term, we also would encourage you all to continue working hard on SumDog (we hear you’re really enjoying it!), reading and the Year 3/4 spellings. Any extra that you choose to do to consolidate your learning this half term, particularly in Maths and English, will be beneficial.

Team 4 🙂

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