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Maths Olympiad By Orla Carey

On Friday, 5 members of St Peters Catholic Primary School took part in an Maths Olympiad at Crookhorn College. The five children were Oliver, Jacob, Anna, Orla and Cecilia from year 4 and 5. We had to try are hardest to answer fun but challenging questions such as odd ones out and jigsaws in only four minutes. There were ten different tables with two questions in each, the main and the bonus. If you got both the questions right you will achieve the maximum amount of points for your team. If you get the main right but not the bonus your team will get ten points, but if it’s the other way round and you only get the bonus right your team will get five points. Team St Peters used there time wisely and split there team in half so some were on the bonus and the rest were on the main. St Peters came in third place out of six schools which is really good as half of the schools weren’t even mentioned. We all got medals to share with our families at home.


It’s February already!?

Another week has flown by, full of fun and learning in Year 4.


In English last week, we were commentators. This week, however, we have been REPORTERS! We have been looking at newspaper reports and all the features that appear within them. We’ve had fun role-playing reporters, reading newspapers and BBC Newsround for pleasure and have been working hard to use embedded clauses and the 5Ws.

In Maths this week, we’ve been looking at addition, mostly using the expanded column method. We’ve worked really hard to get to grips with exchanging from the next column when we need to. Some of us looked at tricky two-step word problems where the information was hidden – we’ve been challenging our brains!

In RE we have been looking at the Light Mysteries and we have written a guide which we are looking forward to sharing with the Year 2 children shortly.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week, in particular for our exciting Science day on Wednesday!

Team 4 🙂