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DT Day

‘Yesterday we had a DT day.  First we finished our Science investigation and in the afternoon made healthy wraps. Last Thursday, we put boiled  eggs in sugary drinks and left them for a week and yesterday we cracked the eggs open and saw what colour the inside of the egg was including the yoke. We used gloves for safety and opened the eggs outside so it didn’t smell so bad. After lunch, we made healthy wraps using chicken, cheese, ham, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.  We took the wraps home to enjoy.  Finally, we were given a toothbrush and a special tablet that shows you where the plague on your teeth is.  We are going to try and do this at home.  We wrote instructions for how to use the tablet and toothbrush.  We really enjoyed this DT day and can now make healthy snack for ourselves and our families to enjoy!’

By Hannah and Patrick (4S-Koalas)

In Maths this week, we have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes with particular focus on recognising acute, obtuse and right angles.  Next week, we will continue to learn about the 2D shapes as well as learning to plot co-ordinates and recognise lines of symmetry in a shape.

Our Literacy learning has centred around unpicking the features of a non-chronological report which will lead nicely into our writing for the next couple of weeks on The Iron Man.  For Spellings, we have been learning 5 of the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling words.

We began to think carefully about the beginning of Advent in Year 4 and particularly focused on the Jesse Tree.  We will be visiting the Chapel on 1st December 2016 to learn further about the Jesse Tree.

Have a restful weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Team Year 4 x

Telling the Time

This week in maths we have been learning to tell the time. The children have been doing well to read and write the time from and onto analogue clocks as well as digital. Some have even explored the 24 hour clock. To round the week off, we have been solving time problems related to real life.

Telling the time can be quite tricky for lots of children and the journey to becoming ‘time-confident’ can be a long one. So thank you if you have already been supporting the work we are doing in school by helping your children with time-related home learning. Below are some quick and easy activities and key teaching points that you could try in addition to the activities set on MyMaths and Abacus.

  • Ask your child at different points throughout the day to read the time and unpick their understanding by asking if it is AM or PM, how may minutes it is until a given point or if they can express this a different way, e.g. 25 minutes past the hour is also 35 minutes to the next hour.
  • Chanting on in one minute, ten minute, quarter/half an hour or one hour intervals can help to reinforce your child’s understanding of key knowledge such as there being 60 seconds in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour. Watch out for common mistakes such as saying after 3:59 comes 3:60.

We hope you find these ideas useful and not too arduous. Have a restful weekend. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Team 4 🙂

Year 4 learning update

This week we have had a History week in Year 4 relating to the World Wars. In Literacy, we looked at diary writing from the point of view of children in the War.  We created Art work relating to the World War and wrote prayers, poems and songs for the soldiers who have died.  Today we observed the 2 minute silence for remembrance.  the children behaved perfectly and respectfully.

In Maths, we have been looking at measure. In particular, we have focused on capacity: reading scales; estimating amounts and solving problems.  Today we looked at supermarket ‘deals’ and decided which ‘deals’ were actually good deals and why! Next week we will begin our learning on Time – being able to read the time to the nearest 5minutes and progressing on to reading the time to the nearest minute on both digital and analogue clocks!

For spelling, we have looked at the prefixes ‘ir’, ‘il’, in’, ‘im. Some children have continued learning the high frequency words also.

Have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Team Four 🙂

43 days until Christmas!

Design Technology Day

On Thursday, Year 4 dedicated the whole day to creating cute sock animals. To mark the end of our topic on ‘Animals and their Habitats’, the class designed and made owls, penguins and mice. Throughout the day, children practiced different sewing techniques and learnt to attach buttons. All the children showed great resilience and commitment to learning as they overcame difficulties such as threading needles, knotting thread and cutting neatly. After a challenging day, the finished products were incredibly sweet – definitely creatures to be proud of!lilys-mouse