Home learning ideas WB 7.12.15


This week, we have begun to study the Christmas story ‘Babushka’. We have looked at the sentence types by identifying the subject and verb in each sentence and whether the sentences are simple, complex or compound. We have practised varying our sentence openers using adverbs/adverbial phrases and prepositions/prepositional phrases. We have learned about speech punctuation and practised adding detail about a character through the things they say and do.

Ideas: Children could write a short description of a place at home using prepositions to describe where each thing is. They could take a story extract and add dialogue to it to show the reader how the character is feeling or behaving.


This week, we have been focusing on written addition and subtraction. Children could practise using their preferred written algorithm working with pairs of four-digit numbers.


This week, we have been thinking about the Prophets and how their foretelling changed people’s beliefs and actions. Children could study the prophecies made by the Prophets about the coming of the Messiah. What did they say? What did they think would happen? Where did they think it would be?