Failing is the best way to learn!

Today we launched our new topic – Failure is the best way to learn!

The children have been researching lots of different inventions and foods that were created by mistake and understanding that making mistakes is how we learn. They have started to make a powerpoint displaying all of the inventions and at the end of the term would like to share these with you.

We hope this topic encourages the children to take more risks with their learning and see a challenge as a good thing, not a negative!

We have attached the home learning pyramid below to give the children ideas about what they could do at home to help their learning in school.

We look forward to sharing this home learning with the year.

Bloom’s HL – Failure is the best way to learn

Abacus, Mymaths and Bugclub have all been updated and we hope to see the children using these resources regularly.

Thank you

The year 4 team

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