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Preparations for Assembly!


This week we have begun to prepare for our assembly, happening on Friday 15th May at 9:10. The children have come up with lots of things to include and we are working to put these together into a very enjoyable experience.

This is a great opportunity for you to get a flavour of what the children have been learning in class. This will be a whole year group assembly so it should be packed with lots of exciting things. Can  we ask that children come dressed as Saxons on the day (this doesn’t need to involve buying anything-just look back at previous blogs to see Mr. Austin dressed as a Viking!)

In maths this week we have continued to look at time and have been learning about reading timetables and calculating time intervals. Telling the time is such an important skill and we hope that children continue to practice this at home.

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

Was Alfred so Great?


welcome back to school year 4! I was so impressed with all of the homelearning that the children got up to over the Easter break. The Saxon houses made out of wood and straw were amazing. Such detail went into them even down to little fires and pots inside them.

I can see that some children have already started to research our new topic about King Alfred – Was Alfred so Great? We will be investigating why King Alfred was labelled great and if we agree with it. We have attached our new home learning pyramid to give the children some ideas of what they could learn and how below:

Bloom’s HL – Was Alfred so Great

In maths this week we have been focusing on learning how to tell the time, which is a very important skill. The children’s home learning this week focuses on time telling and the more they practise the easier it will be for them.

On abacus and Mymaths this week we have designated time activities to help the children practise this skill.


In music this term we are now learning how to play the guitar and will again be having a concert at the end of the summer term. The children are very excited!

We look forward to posting some more pictures of the children’s learning at school soon.

Thank you,

The year 4 team


Clarinet Concert!


Thank you to so many of you for turning up to our clarinet concert! We hope you all enjoyed it and that it was clear how much effort the children put into learning the instrument. Photos to follow soon!

We wish you all a very happy Easter holidays and are looking forward to starting our next topic – Was Alfred So Great?

The children have all written what they would like to do over the break for their home learning.

The Easter holidays are a great time to get involved with some more creative and elaborate project ideas.

For example – a saxon village, a saxon board game or a saxon outfit/helmet/sword etc.

Abacus and Mymaths have all been updated too.

Again, have a lovely break!

The year 4 team 🙂