Osred the Saxon!


We had a very exciting Monday when we were all summ0ned into 4A by the blowing of a horn by Osred the Saxon.

Through the day we were shown lots of things about who the Saxons were, their language, their way of life and their way of fighting!

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As you can see the children were able to see many different artefacts giving them a really clear idea about what Anglo Saxon life was like!

Remember that you can use the home learning pyramid to come up with ideas to support the learning that has happened in class. In addition to this we have started to teach our lent unit of work in RE, so look in the home learning diaries for some ideas of what home learning you can do to support this!

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Year 4 Team

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  1. It was great because when we grinded the corn the flour was coming out the side of the grinder and when he showed the armour and that you can’t but your cups down and I found the experience really fun!

  2. Saxon man sliced Apple in mid air !

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