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Year 4 Concert!

Dear Parents/Carers,

Yr 4 Music Concert on Monday 15th December 2014 at 2.30pm

As we approach the end of the Autumn Term we will be holding a music concert for you to come into school and enjoy your child’s performance.

This term the children have been learning to play African instruments in the form of Djembes and other percussion. They have been working hard with Mr Stourton, our music teacher from the Hampshire Music Service, to learn and develop new skills.

The music concert will be held in the school hall on Monday the 15th December at 2.30pm and will last approximately 25 minutes. We really hope you will be able to join us for this concert and celebrate with us the children’s successes in music this term.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Plummer & Mr Austin

Anti-Bullying Week in Year 4!

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week and we have been lucky enough to explore this issue through many different ways:

On Monday we had a debate around a key character in the book we are studying in Literacy and learnt to see things from more than one side.

On Wednesday we had a speaker who came in to talk to use all about hearing dogs for the deaf and this gave us many things to think about.

Finally today, we had a speaker from dogs for the blind. They came in and talked to us all about the challenges of living as a blind person and the woderful work guide dogs do.

This has been a great experience for teaching us all about the differences between people in the world around us and why we should all be treated with the same level of respect.


We are really looking forward to Winchester Science Museum coming in tomorrow and supporting all the learning we have already been doing about sound! Lots of photos to follow!

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

Crash, Bang, Wallop! What a picture!

We would like to start our weekly blog with a massive thank you to all of you who were able to help us in walking up to the library last Thursday. The children were so excited about seeing their pictures on display in Waterlooville library and had a massive amount of fun exploring the library itself (as the pictures below show!)

Library 1







This week we have really started to do in depth exploration of our topic. Below you’ll see some pictures of what we got up to in our experiment:

Pic 1 for web

Pic 2 for web

Pic 3 for web

Pic 4 for web

Through this experiment we found that sound is vibrations through the air. The children were really enthusiatic in developing their ideas and testing them out!


Anti Bullying Week

Next week is anti-bullying week. Throughout this week we will be running activities based around anti bullying and respecting the differences in others. As well as our class based activities we will have two special visitors coming into school on Wednesday and Thursday (but we’re going to keep who they are a secret!).

p.s. Don’t forget about Abacus and MyMaths-they’re so valuable for your children’s home learning! We are continuing to put exciting activities on there every week!

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

Winchester Science Museum Visit for Year 3 and 4

Winchester Science Museum Visit for Year 3 and 4

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Friday 21st November, the children will be lucky enough to have a visit from a specialist Science teacher from Winchester Science Museum.  She will be spending the morning with the Year 4 children who will be taking part in the ‘Sounds interesting’ workshop.  In the afternoon, she will be working with the Year 3 children on the ‘lights and shadows’ workshop.

In both workshops, the children will be able to have a hands on experience using the resources provided by Winchester Science Museum. The workshops are designed to be investigative and will support the curriculum covered this term in both Year groups.

We would be grateful for a contribution of £2.00 for your child’s workshop.  If you are able to pay online this would be greatly appreciated as this is a more secure way of paying.  If not, please send your contribution into your child’s class teacher in a named envelope.

Year 4 team

Our new topic – Pitch Perfect!


It has been a great first week back where we have enjoyed hearing about what the children have been doing over half term. We have also been really impressed with all of the exciting home learning that has been going on. So far we have shared powerpoints, drawings, stories and models.

This term we are starting our exciting new topic – Pitch Perfect!

We have created a new pyramid of home learning ideas that is linked to the topic and they are now stuck in the children’s home learning books.

Pitch Perfect for blog

We hope that you have lots of fun exploring these things at home. We have many things planned that will let us explore sound in lots of ways! We are really looking forward to the rest of this half term and all the learning that we are going to do!

Thank you,

Year 4 Team