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The Big Performance!

As you may know we performed our Lion King dances to other pupils in the school and some special guests…Mrs. Bowen and Mrs. Phillips!

The children all did their best and everyone was really impressed by their performances!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7


Have a great half term.

Year 4 Team

Lion King Mask Making Magic!


I’m sure that you’ve heard that our art day was a great success! The children were able to use all of our 5C’s to help them create a wild animal mask that they are very proud of. Below you can see some pictures of the magic happening!


a mask 2

a mask 6

a mask 3

a mask 1

a mask 4

a mask 5

a mask 7

As you can see lots of work and lots of skills were used to create these masks. We will be using these masks as part of a lion king dance that will be performed to other children on Friday. Check back on the blog to see some fierce photos!

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

Mass, Masks and Maths


We have had a very busy week this week with lots of what we have been learning in maths and literacy over the half term having to be used. In our maths we have looked at time and have shown real commitment and curiosity when calculating intervals of time. 4P have been very lucky this week and have had Mrs. Luter teaching their class as Miss Plummer is helping our Year 6 classes at Stubbington.

We hope that you enjoyed the mass and the children had a fascinating time being shown around the Sacred Heart Church, getting a chance to discover more about how the Church works.

We have been very impressed with the quality and quantity of home learning that the children have been doing, it has helped everyone to see how our learning can be used at home as well as at school. A big well done to our runners as well who, on Tuesday afternoon, went on a mile run with lots of other children from around the county and did remarkably well!

Tomorrow will be our art day! (Pictures to follow!) We hope that children bring in enough materials to make the day a real success as well as to create some really effective masks!

As ever Abacus, Bug Club, and My Maths are all up and running and we are very happy to see so many children having a go and earning rewards!

Thank you,


Mr. Austin and Miss. Plummer


Art Attack!


We’ve had another very successful week in year 4 with lots of learning happening across the curriculum.

We have started to design our own Lion King inspired animal masks, these will be used by the children to perform the dances we have been creating in PE. We are planning to create the masks out of papier mache. The children have made a list of materials they would need, we can of course provide some of these materials, but it would be a good chance for us to learn about recycling if they could use some materials from home.

Next Friday (17th October) we will be having an art day on which we are creating our masks!

Some of the children have decided they would like things such as:

  • Wire
  • Carboard
  • Sequins
  • Newspaper (Lots!)
  • Balloons

Mask resized 3 Mask resized 2



We have noticed that lots more of you have now been logging on but some have still come to us with a few problems regarding opening the games. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Please try ‘allowing pop-ups’ and open the game in ‘google chrome’.
  2. If it still isn’t working, try clicking on ‘Run a quick test’ (shown below in picture).

click here for help

We have now uploaded more games onto Abacus maths and Mymaths for you all to enjoy!


Miss. Plummer and Mr. Austin

A Creative Week!

This week we have had our first taste of writing our stories about animals that we have spent our time before investigating and planning. The teachers were very imporessed by the commitment shown by all children in their writing.

In PE the children have really improved their dances and have used their skills of collaboration to put together some impressive sequences.

Music is continuing to be a big hit as you can see from the pictures below:



We have learnt all about the pulse through music and how this can affect how music sounds.

We would also like to let you know that we have our Mass at Sacred Heart Church coming up shortly. A letter will be coming out shortly with more details. We look forward to seeing you then!