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Special visitors!


Friday has been a day of great excitement in Year 3 as we have been lucky enough to have the authors of our favourite Supertato come into our classrooms. We were also able to buy gifts at the fabulous St. Peter’s mother’s day sale (keep it a secret!)

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, authors of Supertato (and many more favourites!), came to visit Year 3 and demonstrated the steps involved to create a book with the children. Firstly, they decided upon the feelings of each character across the story and then the children created animated pictures of their faces. Later in the session, the authors supported the children in designing their own unique and imaginative book characters – a special prize was awarded to a child from each class who had produced an inventive and entertaining character.

authors sharing books







Above: the process of creating an illustrated book.

authors sharing faces






Above: demonstrating facial expressions to convey emotion.

mothers day visit

Above: the St. Peter’s day Mother’s Day sale

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who had supported the delivery of today’s events. These activities served as a lovely reward for Year 3, who have worked hard this week across their taught sessions. In English, the children have enjoyed drafting, editing and publishing their Roman slave diaries. They look forward to seeing their work showcased in the school’s library next week. In Maths, the children have shown commitment and determination throughout their work on subtraction – they have enjoyed learning how to round their numbers to the nearest 10, to estimate their answers and ensure their following calculations are reasonable. Thank you to all of the children and Year 3 parents for the excellent Roman Home Learning that has been produced so far, we look forward to putting them on display soon (photos to follow!)

Please see the link below for a PDF of our weekly RE newsletter.


We wish you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend,

Miss Honeywell and Mr Austin




Our big fundraiser.


This week has seen us undertake some important fundraising to help people as part of this year’s CAFOD appeal. The children have been generous in the amount they have donated and this will be used to help people in Zambia begin their own fish farms. These farms have a knock on effect of providing work for local people, and providing more money to help children to be educated. Below you can see the culmination of our fundraising efforts:

cafod pic

We also have our weekly prayer which you are able to share as a family and reflect on the messages it has for each of you. Prayer for Lent, week 2.


In our English this week, we have been exploring the importance of adding detail to our writing. We have explored a variety of ways that we can do this, including using fronted adverbials and increasing the number prepositions and adjectives we use. Maybe you could try to write a description of your bedroom; what details will you include?

In maths, we have been thinking about our multiplication and division, especially the different methods that we can use to solve problems. Could you try making some challenging word problems for people in your family? How are you going to make your problems tricky for them?

Next week, we are  looking forward to the authors of Supertato coming in. We will have a chance to do a workshop with the authors so make sure you have lots of questions to ask!

Thank you,

Mr. Austin and Mrs. Honeywell

Back into the swing and World Book Day


We have all had a keen start back to this half term. Already we have begun to explore our Romans topic and everyone is eagerly getting involved. Below you will find a link to our new Home Learning pyramid:

Romans Home Learning Pyramid

In our English we have started to read our Roman diary focusing on the life and experience of a Roman slave. This has allowed us to think about the feelings of characters in stories and to begin to explore building our own characters through adding detail. Maybe you could write your own diary at home thinking about the emotion words that you could include.

In maths we have been learning all about multiplication and problem solving. Maybe you could write some multiplication problems for people at home or teach them how to use the grid method!

Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. The children were excellently behaved during the Ash Wednesday service and were able to talk thoughtfully about the meaning of the ashes and what the period of Lent meant to them. On our school blogs page you will now find an RE page which will keep you up to date with religious events around the school. Below you can find a link to a weekly prayer page that you can share at home as a family:

Weekly Prayer

On Thursday we were very excited because it was World Book Day. Pupils came in amazingly creative costumes…




…Mrs. D was really into World Book Day too!

mrs d potato

Mrs. D took the time to read one of her favourite stories to the children, something which was greatly appreciated by everyone. Thank you Mrs. D!


Thank you,

Mr. Austin and Miss. Honeywell


Our new half term



We have had a successful start to our new half term with the children coming back with a great attitude to their learning. We have continued to challenge ourselves to keep improving our learning.

In our maths we have been exploring measuring in cm and mm, including measuring the perimeter. As a good way to continue in practicing this learning, why not try measuring the things in your bedroom or in your kitchen?

In our Literacy we have been learning about how to organize our notes and learning using headings and subheadings. Look out in your home and see which books you have that use headings and subheadings.

Next week we will be learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of the poppy. We hope that the children will take the time to talk to you about what they learn about Remembrance Day and the continued importance that this has.

We look forward to seeing you at parent’s evening!

Year 3 Team


Well we have reached the end of our first half term of learning, and what a lot of learning there has been! The children now all appear to be experts in the Stone Age with many wonderful artifacts being brought in as part of the home learning.

In our final week of fractions for this half term we have been exploring finding fractions of amounts and the children have been able to represent their answers in diagrams and with tools. Keep practising at home with anything you can find!

The children have rewritten the first chapter of Stig of the Dump. We looked at using dialogue to help make our characters come to life and even acted out the scenes ourselves! I wonder if you can come up with what will happen in the rest of the story?

This week also saw our first Mass of the year at Sacred Heart Church, we took the time to reflect on the important role of Mary in our faith. Father Kevin was impressed with the attitude and mature behaviour that the children displayed and so were we! Well done to all those children who came to our Mass.

Thank you to all who have helped us over this half term including our Butser Ancient Farm trip and our Mass at Sacred Heart Church; this is always greatly appreciated and vital to allow us to continue providing these opportunities.

We both hope that you have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,

Mr. Austin and Miss. Honeywell

Hurray for the hats!


We had a wonderful CAFOD day raising lots of money for this wonderful charity. We saw a variety of weird and wonderful hats that certainly brightened our day!



Thank you for spending the time with the children to make the hats-it certainly showed a great deal of creativity!

This week in our Maths we have continued to explore mental multiplication and division. The children have grown in their confidence of when and how to use their mental maths skills, as shown when we had some very tricky word problems! Maybe your child could write some of their own problems for you or when your at the shops ask the children how many multiplication facts could they make for the eggs in an egg carton!

In our English we have been learning to write persuasively to sell a stone age house! The children have done a great job in using a variety of sentence types, such as rhetorical questions, and very exciting language to do this. I wonder what of yours they could try and sell us?

Have a great week of learning!

Thank you,

Miss. Honeywell and Mr. Austin

Year 3 Team

p.s. Some parents are still having difficulty logging on to Abacus and Bug Club. Children will be given their usernames and passwords again on Monday.



CAFOD Fundraising


In addition to Thursday 6th October being our American Lunch it is also our colourful day in order to raise money for CAFOD.

In year 3 we are going to be wearing colourful hats! You may have a colourful hat already or you may want to make one for the day. Here are some ideas:





These hats were mainly made out of card from cereal boxes and wrapping paper!

We would ask that if you wish to wear your hat that you bring in a small donation for CAFOD.

Thank you,
Year 3 Team


Selling a Mammoth!



This week in our English the children have been really excited about their learning this week. They have been learning to persuade using different sentence types and exciting language. See if you can do some persuasive writing at home!


In our maths we have been exploring mental multiplication and division. The times tables we have been using for this were our 2, 4 5, and 10’s. Next week we will be continuing to explore this idea using our 3’s as well. Try practicing at home this weekend.


We have become really excited in our Science where we have explored magnetism including magnetic materials around the class and attraction and repulsion. What magnetic things can you discover around your house.


We hope you have a lovely weekend exploring more learning!


Thank you,


Year 3 Team

What a week!



The children have settled back into the routine of school life this week and have shown a real engagement with our learning. Through our first experience of home learning this week it appears that the Stone Age has been a big hit and we’ve had many stone age tools being created and shown to the class (fortunately no one has been practicing their neolithic hunting techniques!) A very big thank you to the children for putting so much hard work in.

You will find that there are new activities on MyMaths and Abacus this week, if you experience any problems please do tell a member of staff. For those trying to access MyMaths through an I-Pad, I am informed that you will need to download the ‘Puffin Academy’ App.

This week in our maths we have looked at adding and subtracting hundreds and ones to a three digit number e.g. 300+455 and 532-4. In our English we have been writing instruction texts and thought about how we could use conjunctions. Perhaps you could write instructions for someone in your house for how to set the table or how to tidy a bedroom.

We hope you really enjoy your learning at home and are looking forward to another wonderful week of learning.

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

Butser Ancient Farm


Thank you to all who could make our welcome meetings we hope that you found the event very informative. Some expressed interest in seeing our non-negotiables that set out the expectations for presentation in books, these can be found here: non-negotiables-for-literacy non-negotiables-for-maths

As you will know both classes had a very exciting time at Butser Ancient Farm. We were very lucky and the weather has been kind to us on both days, allowing us to make the most of the day. Look at the pictures below to see the fun we had! (More pictures to follow!)

img_1302 img_1305 img_1409 img_1304 img_1303 img_1306 img_1307 img_1435 img_1319 img_1410 img_1408 img_1321 img_1411 img_1434 img_1433 img_1436 img_1329 img_1315 img_1326 img_1437 img_1320 img_1424 img_1312 img_1324 img_1308 img_1325 img_1330 img_1416 img_1331 img_1313 img_1314 img_1318 img_1327 img_1316 img_1310 img_1322 img_1309 img_1311 img_1323