4th October 2021

Thank you for all of the donations for the Harvest. The children have displayed the collection by the prayer tables in school but will shortly be added in with the rest of the school.
The children have been enjoying learning about ways to wash a Sabre Tooth Tiger this week. We have been using prepositions to think about where we will be washing the tiger, for example between the claws. We have also been learning new adverbs such as vigorously and thinking about how to use this in our instructions.

In Maths we have been learning to subtract ones from a 3 digit number. We have been thinking about using an efficient strategy when subtracting for example 143 – 5 = 143 -3-2.  Some children found this tricky and so any further practise at home would be beneficial as we continue to apply this next week in the context of money.

We completed our Science experiment this week exploring how the force needed for a car to move along different surfaces changes depending on the type of surface. We tried releasing a car (toy) down a ramp with Astro turf, bubble wrap, hessian and shiny wood. The children will be able to share what they found.

Spelling home learning, the Maths task and the vocabulary home learning has been shared and discussed with the children. Don’t forget to log in to Times tables rockstars – let’s see who makes it onto the leader board this week.

Butser Ancient Farm Photos will be appearing shortly.

A busy week of learning in school again this week so enjoy a restful weekend.

Team Three

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