Friday 21st May 2021

We’ve had a very busy couple of weeks in school so we hope you are ready for a run through of everything we have been doing.

Firstly, we are pleased to share that we had our first liturgy for a long time in the unity building. It was a really special occasion to get her together and think about our friendships and how we show love to one another. Photos can be found on Mr Cunningham’s main blog.

In Maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes and the properties of 2D shapes. We learnt what perpendicular and parallel lines were and spotted them in shapes. More recently we have been adding 2 numbers together using a column strategy. We have been really impressed with the children’s presentation and the way they have approached problem solving over the past couple of weeks.

In English, we have started our new unit using the Great Kapok Tree as our test driver. We will be writing a new page to be added to the book with details the affects on deforestation on the animals in the Rainforest.

Congratulations to the children who won the animal prizes for their last piece of writing! We were very proud of all the children’s efforts

We completed the Big Survey this week. The children were asked their views on school, life in the wider community as well as aspiration questions about what they might like to do when they are ‘grown ups’.

One more week before a well earned rest and hopefully some sunshine.

Don’t forget to bring home learning in this week so that we can take a good look at all the work you are doing at home.

Team Three!

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