Friday 7th May 2021

We have been busy publishing our Non chronological reports all about a new species that we have discovered in the Rainforest. For this writing outcome, the Year Three team will be awarding cuddly toys to the children for their efforts in the writing progress. Look out for a teddy coming home with you soon!

We have continued to look for links between and within times tables this week. We have represented the times tables in different ways. We have used 1, 10 5 derive to help use use halving to find 5 times a number.  We also looked at nearby facts! If I know 5 x 4 = 20 then 6x 4 must be 5×4 + 4 more.  It was tricky but we are just at the beginning of this way of thinking and will continue to look at this in years to come.

We have concluded out plants unit and will be starting our new unit on Forces and Magnets next week.  Have a think about what you already know and what you might like to learn about over the next few weeks in school.

Congratulations to all of our showstopper and golden key winners.

See you Monday

Team Three


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