Friday 30th April 2021

Happy bank holiday weekend!

We have had a very eventful week in school. On Friday we had our school photos on the field, we got to watch an incredibly inspiring assembly with the Rock 2the beat rock band and finally Lee Hayward came in to tak to us about how to be safe online. Phew!

But that wasn’t it! In English, we have started to write up our non chronological report page all about the new animal that we discovered in the rainforest. We started with its appearance and we were trying to include lots of causal connectives and different noun choices.

In Maths we have been learning about the times tables and representing these in different ways. We have been looking for links between the facts. For example if I know

1x 4 = 4 then I know 10x 4 = 40. I can work out 5×4 by halving this to equal 20! This works for really big numbers too – but that’s just for fun or a party trick.

I also can make linked with doubling.
1×4 = 4 so 2×4 will be double and =8 and if I double it again it will be 4×4 =16. And I can even double it again which will be 8×4 =32. Wowser!
See what you can find out!

We have a science experiment on the go in school. We have put some celery in undiluted squash so we can see how water is transported up to the leaves where the plants makes it’s food.

Hope that everyone manages to stay nice and warm and dry this weekend. See you next week.

Team Three

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