Friday 26th March 2021

This week we reflected on the year that has passed since the first lockdown in the UK. We pray for all those who lost loved ones during this difficult times. ‘This storm too shall pass, that’s Gods promise. When life has turned upside down, remember that God has better days planned.’

We have been busy writing and finalising the Boudicca speeches ready to perform on Dress Up Day on Tuesday. We’re looking forward to seeing all the children dressed up ready for a day of Roman fun.

In Maths we continued to look at right angles turns clockwise and anti clockwise. The children thought carefully about their thinking and the different strategies they used to solve the problems.

In Science, we are excited to see that some of our plants are starting by to grow!! We set up an experiment to see what conditions plants thrive in. Some of us wanted to know if compost was needed for a seed to go. We put a seed in soil and a seed in paper towel- we’ll wait and see what happens.

Have a lovely weekend

Team Three



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