Friday 23rd October 2020

This week in Maths, we have been solving problems with multiplication linked to the pumpkin patch. Farmer Joe told them there were 4 rows of pumpkins, less than 30 in total but he couldn’t work out how many could be in each row. Luckily the children were on hand to help out. We then thought about ‘what if there were 20 pumpkins but some rows were orange and some rows were white – how many of each could there be?’ Have a look at an example of our work!

We have been busy writing our instructions for washing a sabre tooth tiger (yikes!)  We thought carefully about some of the challenges that we might have faced while washing the prehistoric beast. We were all impressed with how creative the children were during the writing process and by the presentation of their final published pieces.

During our PPA Art lessons we have been looking at henna and creating hand and foot artwork in that style.

Home learning:  Spellings for this week have focused on the ‘u’ sound spelt with a ‘o’ such as love, mother, another. Our phonics group have looked at u_e. Try and use the vocabulary words during conversations at home over half term to ‘persuade’.  We will be writing some persuasive letters after half term using this language. Don’t forget to log in to sum-dog and TT rockstars. We have had some reading passports coming in so keep reading and when you have finished, bring them in to Be displayed. Finally, thank you to the children who bought in the reviews in their home reading journal. We will be looking at these again on Friday 13th November.

Congratulations to our showstopper writers, golden key winners and our perfect presentation pupils.

Thank you for all of your support with the home learning. Have a restful half term break.

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