Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Friday 7th February 2020

Where did January go!?

This penultimate week of the first half of the Spring term has flown by too. We’ve been busy publishing our very impressive ‘Great Kapok Tree’ inspired writing. Here is some writing by Lola, which we think you’ll agree is fabulous!

Nearby, a Timber Tumbler had been watching and listening to the other animals and decided that he also wanted to tell the man that he did not want it to be cut down. So, with his young padding softly behind him, the large winged cat flew powerfully onto the forest floor and silently approached the sleeping man.

“Hey, Senhor!” the Timber Tumbler cried desperately, “please don’t cut down the great Kapok tree, it’s where I give birth and it provides safety and shelter for my newborn tumbs. Without this majestic tree, my babies will be easy targets for predators and eventually our species will become extinct!”

This week in Maths has been all about problem solving using various strategies for adding and subtracting. Everyone’s becoming increasingly resilient at dealing with a little ‘brain pain’, well done!

We finished off this week with STEM day. The children were required to design, build, test, adapt and evaluate rafts to carry some stranded children down the Amazon River to the safety of Manaus. We thought about what makes a ‘good’ raft and how we could achieve strength, sturdiness and buoyancy using a piece of tin foil. The children came up with vessels of all shapes and sizes with varying weight and thicknesses and some then had an opportunity to share what they had done during assembly. Ultimately we realised that the best rafts – those which carried the most passengers – were often just one layer thick and had a very large base or surface area.

Just another little reminder that our in-class poetry recital is this coming Thursday (13th), the last day of the half term.

We hope you’ve managed to stay warm and dry this blustery weekend!

Team 3.