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Friday 31st January 2020

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thank you to all of you who came along to the Mass on Tuesday, it was lovely to see so many of you.

This week, Year 3 have continued to be inspired by The Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry, imitating her writing to involve our own creatures with our own very important messages about why the sleeping man should not cut down the trees. Our Geography lesson on Deforestation helped us to come up with really valuable contributions.

In Maths we’ve been thinking about all the strategies we know that can help us to solve and prove tricky problems. We’ve realised that there isn’t a right or wrong way; many problems have multiple possible strategies to use to help us find the same solution. We’ve realised that it’s about what works best for us and what is efficient.

In Science, we’ve enjoyed looking at the bones in our bodies and learning about our vital organs, which our skeletons protect.

In RE, we’ve continued to look at the story of Samuel and how he was called to follow God. We’ve thought about how we can follow His call and what good deeds we can do, such as donating to a food bank or showing love to our friends and family.

We’re seeing lots of wonderful (not compulsory!) homework coming in about the Rain Forest which just goes to show how engaged in the topic the children are. It’s great to see!

Have a peaceful weekend,

Team 3.

Friday 24th January 2020

What a chilly week!

This week we have been looking at the story of Samuel in RE. We’ve had thoughtful conversations about what made him such a loyal servant to God which have helped us with our work.

In Maths, subtraction has been going well. So much so, that many of the children have progressed from using the expanded column method to a standard column method – the one which most adults are most familiar with. This link is helpful for guidance:

In English we have finished writing and publishing our non-chronological reports on our fictional creatures in groups. The results are fabulous – so good they could have come straight out of a non-fiction book on the Rainforest!

We’re hearing that many of the children are doing well with learning and performing their poems. We will be holding our in class finals on Thursday 13th February – so if you’re using costumes or props, that’s the day to bring them in.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Team Three.

Friday 17th December 2020

This week in English, we have continued learning about everything we need to include to write a fantastic non-chronological report on our fictional rainforest animals. We used what we have learnt this week in Topic about the different layers of the rainforest to help us.

In maths we have continued problem solving, trying to find different ways to solve tricky ‘missing box’ problems. The focus has not been on finding the correct answer but not giving up trying to find it and being creative and logical in our thinking.

In RE this week we looked at the Wise Men’s journey to meet Jesus and thought deeply about how easy or difficult the different aspects were and whether or not there was a reward for what they did.

Today we explored Scratch using Hour of Code, a way of tutoring children through a coding project. You can practice at home by visiting By clicking on ‘Activities’ you will find all sorts of fun projects to try out.

Thanks again for the plants 🙂 With the heat from the radiators and the perspiration of the plants, our classrooms are transforming into humid ecosystems, evident by the condensation on the windows!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Team 3


Welcome back

We hope you all had a lovely and restful two weeks off for Christmas, it may seem like a distant memory now! Thank you all so much for our lovely presents, we really appreciate your generosity.

We have jumped straight back in to learning this week focusing on our new topic the rainforest!

Already in geography we have used an atlas to identify the rainforests around the world and investigated the equator and the effect it has. We then compared the rainfall and temperature in Britain to the rainforest in Brazil using bar graphs and interpreting data. We looked at the water cycle and completed a science experiment where we created our own cloud (it has been a very busy first week back!).

In English this week we created our own new species of animal discovered in the rainforest. We will document and explain this new species habitat, diet and appearance in David Attenborough style.

In maths we have focused on fractions of amounts using bar models to equally spilt the amounts. We have problem solved what could be in the missing boxes.

Thank you to everyone who has given us a house plant to water and look after over the next few weeks, we appreciate it, please keep them coming.

Have a wonderful weekend

The Year Three team