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Fishbourne Trip Photos


We hope that you have all had a good weekend and that you have enjoyed this week so far.

In English, the children have enjoyed evaluating their explanation texts about the machines they had invented. We were delighted by the children’s use of conjunctions, imperative verbs and technical vocabulary when explaining how each part of their machine worked. Well done, Year Three! We have also started our new unit of learning on a poem called The Sound Collector. Each class was given a ‘mystery bag of words’ from the poem and were given the task of matching the correct sounds to the correct item. Afterwards, Year Three enjoyed going on a ‘sound walk’ around the school, listening to and collecting sounds they could hear which shall then be used in their own onomatopoeic poem about sounds around school.

In Maths, we have been revisiting our learning on fractions. In particular, we have studied fractions of amounts using bar models. We then moved on to solving ‘missing box’ fraction problems by using the inverse, drawings and number lines to help us solve each question. As the week progressed, the children worked in groups on sugar paper to interpret and draw how they would solve a multi-step problem they had been given, using different fractions. We were very impressed by the children’s use of multiple representations when analysing and presenting the problem – each group had used drawings, diagrams, numicon, multi-link and bar models as part of their strategies to begin understanding the challenge task. Great commitment, everyone!

Please see below for a selection of photos from our Fishbourne Roman Palace trip:



On Friday 12th July 2019, we look forward to Transition day whereby the children shall be spending time with their new classes and teachers in Year 4.

With best wishes,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Sumba.