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Stem Day

The Challenge: Your challenge today was to make a boat that was strong enough to float on water and hold a heavy weight! You will be choosing which materials to use and designing a boat that can hold as many marbles/weights on board as possible, without sinking…

Adapt your boat design as you go to see if your boat can float and win the ‘heaviest weight’ challenge!

We had a lot of fun designing, making and testing out the boats that we made in response to the challenge posed.  Here are some of the pictures from the day.


More Rainforest Projects

Here are another 2 Rainforest projects from the children in Year 3!


Staunton Country Park

On Monday 4th and 11th February 2019, Year 3 visited Staunton Country Park to further enrich their topic curriculum and experience a taste of a tropical Rainforest. The children created a class Rainforest (picture below), discussed the effects of deforestation, explored the plants in the Rainforest and even got to  see and hold some Rainforest creatures! They were very brave indeed! The children all impressed the group leader with their knowledge of the Rainforest and they had all had a lovely day out of class.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to come along and help out.

A visit from the Author…

The children were very excited to not only enjoy the recent snow fall but also to meet an author this week. On Friday afternoon, they got the chance to listen to the Author – Grant Koper – read them a story in the hall with the children from KS1.  They found the book – The day Granny’s knickers blew away – hilariously funny.  Some children purchased their own copy.  His website is should you wish to find out more about this author with your children or purchase any further publications.

We have been looking at equivalent fractions this week in Maths.  We started by looking at equivalent fractions for thirds and fifths.  The children enjoyed creating a fraction wall to help to do this.

In Literacy the children started to write their non-chronological report.  Some of the introductions that the children wrote where very impressive. See below:

“Did you know that the Rainforest is home to an extremely rare Dragon found by a famous hunter Dr John in 2018? You will probably find it in the emergent layer eating fruits and birds. There were 500 but now there are only 200 left because hunters want the diamonds on their bodies.  The name Dragon means ‘fast’ in Greek.’  Noah

“Have you ever seen any such thing as a feathered, scaly, fast Green Griffin? You will usually find it searching for food or nesting in a whole at the bottom of a tree trunk where it is safest from the predators who can’t reach them.  It was first discovered by explorer Dawson who claimed to have seen one picking berries in 1948. But unfortunately, there are only 400 left in the world because of deforestation. It has to stop!” Ava

Topic news – we’ve seen some lovely home learning projects coming into school as well as factfiles all about the Rainforest. Here is an example of a project made by Sophia and her family:

Happy weekend from all of the Year Three team.