We hope you have all been having a great week.

This week, the children have taken part in some transition days, in preparation for their start within a new year group during September 2018. We have been very impressed by the excellent behaviour and maturity demonstrated by children, who have taken all new changes in their stride and enjoyed the time spent within their new classes.

In English, we have been learning about causal conjunctions. We practised our sentences using conjunction cards before making our own flow chart. Across the rest of the week, the children drafted and edited their explanation texts. Next week, we look forward to publishing and evaluating our written pieces before sending them to the library! Great work, Year Three.

In Maths, we have continued to learn about multiplication and division. As the week progressed, we moved on from using the grid method to also using rapid mental strategies including ‘ten times smaller, ten times bigger’ to reach answers in a more efficient way. By the end of the unit, both classes used pictures to solve a seriesĀ  of ‘how many combination’ problems. We were particularly impressed by the children’s use of systematic techniques, to ensure that all possible combinations of ice creams and sandwiches had been made. Well done!

We hope you all have an enjoyable weekend,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Luter.

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