Monthly Archives: February, 2018

Welcome back…


We hope that you all had a wonderful half term holidays and that you have returned for the second Spring term feeling refreshed. This week, the children have begun a new set of units across their curricular learning…

In English, as part of our topic learning, the children have been looking at Roman diaries. In particular, we have been studying the diary of a Greek slave who was captured and sold in Rome. The children have found her story fascinating and have enjoyed taking part in role-play and drama to re-enact parts of the diary through freeze frames. Next week, both classes shall write their own narratives before enhancing their descriptions through fronted adverbials of time, place, manner and degree.

In Maths, Year Three have been exploring fractions. At the beginning of the week, the pupils took part in a range of practical activities that involved different representations of unit and non-unit fractions. The children then worked on shape problems before looking at fractions of amounts of objects e.g. 1/2 of 8 flowers. It has been excellent to see the children using concrete resources and pictorial representations when learning about fractions as equal parts of a whole. Well done Year Three!

Thank you to both classes for the commitment they have shown for Home Learning – we look forward to seeing more work on the Romans next Friday.

We hope you all have a peaceful weekend,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Luter and Mrs Sumba.

Poetry Competition…


We hope you have all had an enjoyable week.

During the final week of this term, the children have enjoyed creating their own letters to the Brazillian Government, challenging them to reconsider their decisions to cut down trees of the Amazon Rainforest to make way for a new hotel. The children did a fantastic job of including key facts, rhetorical questions as well as a range of other persuasive features. At the end of the week, both classes took part in a poetry competition. This enabled the selection of our poetry finalists in Year 3. We would like to congratulate our three winners from both classes, and wish them the very best of luck with their performances for the KS2 competition after half term. Well done Year Three!

In Maths, both classes have continued their learning on multiplication. In particular, they have enjoyed using pictorial methods as well as number lines and place value counters in order to show their understanding of multiplication as repeated addition. Across the week, the children showed true commitment when solving a range of single and multi-step word problems involving the multiplication of two and one digit numbers. Our next unit of learning shall focus upon fractions. Can you split a chocolate bar into equal groups? What arrays can you spot around your home? e.g. egg carton boxes, rows of washing pegs.

After the holidays, we look forward to beginning our new topic learning on The Romans.

We hope you all have a great half term break,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Sumba and Mrs Luter

Growth Mindset


We hope you have all had a pleasant weekend and that you feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead!

Last week, Year Three worked hard to ensure they showed commitment and perseverance when given tricky challenge feedback to respond to, across their curriculum learning…

In English, the children evaluated their Rainforest information leaflets and made necessary improvements and edits to their work, against our class Success Criteria. It was great to witness the children giving their peers constructive feedback and embracing opportunities to enhance the quality and presentation of their own pieces of work. To deepen and embed their Rainforest learning, both classes have now taken part in a debate about Deforestation – they did a fantastic job presenting the views of different characters (a business man, an explorer and a Rainforest tribe). Well done Year Three! This week, we look forward to writing our own letters to the Brazillian government and creating our own arguments for/against Deforestation. Towards the end of the week, the children shall be given the opportunity to perform and recite their KS2 poems in class so that finalists may be selected for the competition after half term.

In Maths, the children continued to explore their learning on multiplication and division. Year Three used a variety of Maths tools and concrete resources (Numicon, Beastrings, Diennes and Place Value counters) to practically solve a range of multiplication problems then prove/explain their answers. This week, both classes shall learn how to draw pictures and diagrams, to show an alternative representation of worded problems before solving them with Maths Toolkits.

We hope you all have a great week,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Luter and Mrs Sumba.