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Year Three


It was lovely to see you all during our Year Three parents evenings this week. We hope that you have found the appointments both helpful and informative – please feel free to ask us any questions should you wish for further clarification regarding targets given and/or suggestions made for supporting children at home.

This week, the children have enjoyed drafting, editing and publishing their setting descriptions about the sea. We were very impressed by the children’s use of the 5 senses as well as the effectiveness of their verbs and adverbs to make the description both engaging and entertaining. We look forward to performing the finished pieces tomorrow. Well done Year Three!

In Maths, we have continued to learn about fractions and have begun to explore a range of multi-step, mastery problems. Both classes have enjoyed using their fraction walls and fraction strips to support them in their counting of fractions and identification of equivalent fractions. Next week, we look forward to learning about multiplication and division.

Just to let you know that we have set an online Maths test on Sumdog, which we would like the children to complete at home between Friday 24th and Sunday 26th November. We would also like the children to bring in a cardboard box to school, as well as any other resources they wish to use in order to build their Stone Age cars – the children shall be building their cars during a D&T afternoon on Thursday 7th December.

We hope you all have a great weekend,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Luter and Mrs Sumba.

New Learning


This week, the children have taken part in lots of engaging activities and tasks as part of their cross-curricular learning.

Today, Year 3 were visited by the fantastic children’s author, Paul Nolan, who taught the children all about the Bronze Age through a series of team building activities and stories. The children had a wonderful time dressing up in Bronze Age costumes and re-enacting a Bronze Age religious ceremony at Stonehenge.

In English, we congratulated the two winners of our Woolly Mammoth competition. Well done to Poppy and Daniel who had successfully persuaded their Head Teacher to purchase a Woolly Mammoth as a class pet! This week, we have continued to enjoy our descriptive writing unit on The Stormy Sea. Year Three are very excited to plan, draft and publish their descriptive pieces of writing before performing them in front of their parents next Friday!

In Maths, the children have started to learn about fractions as being equal parts of a whole. Already, both classes have demonstrated commitment and success when using fraction walls and diagrams, to support them in counting fractions and even recognising equivalent fractions – well done Year Three.

The children have really enjoyed their topic learning on the Stone Age. They now look forward to learning all about the Bronze Age in their History lessons next week. We shall distribute Bronze Age home learning pyramids as soon as possible.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Honeywell, Mrs Luter and Mrs Sumba.

Another week closer to Christmas!

Another week has come to an end – there was even a mention of Christmas this week!

In maths this week children have been using their knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction to find half of a number and double of a number. They were generating their own numbers with dice and working in pairs with diennes to find the answer. In a game on Wednesday children decided on a target number and then had to decide whether to double or halve a number rolled on dice to reach the target number. We have also been practising the four times table, counting in 50s and 100s and adding 10 and 100 to numbers.

In English we have been looking at setting descriptions and have been thrilled with the development of the children’s use of spoken and written vocabulary. Next week we would like the children not only to bring their home school reading books to school but any books from home that they may also be reading. We are hoping that they can inspire others to develop their enthusiasm and excitement for reading.

Have a restful weekend,

Mrs Luter

Learning so far this half term….

Hello all,

Autumn 2 has got off to a great start in Year 3. We have continued out learning about the Stone Age and have seen some amazing home learning. Next Friday we are lucky enough to be having a ‘Stone Age Visitor’!

In maths we continue our learning in place value with some work on rounding. This week we will be halving and doubling – remembering key number facts and working out unknown ones.

Guided reading and English are closely linked – we are describing settings and generating vocabulary for our own writing and looking at texts to see how authors use various techniques.

We have been looking at maps in geography looking at where major cities and counties are. In the picture below we made a ‘string Great Britain’ and placed the counties of Hampshire, West Sussex, Devon and Dorset in the appropriate places. Children then began to write descriptions of the counties to include physical and human features.


In RE this week we will begin our learning about Remembrance and will be creating a wreath for our Remembrance service next Monday.

Thank you for visiting,

Sarah Luter