Commitment to learning.



This week, the children have been working very hard despite the high temperatures that have been reached so far. Following an assembly led by ‘The NED Show’, the children were inspired to show commitment and perseverance towards their learning – we were proud to see the children continuing to embrace challenge work and a positive attitude within the classroom. Well done Year Three!

In English, the children have been learning more about their new ‘Healthy Eating’ topic – they have read a variety of information texts and collated a set of key words in order to produce their own detailed glossary. This has enabled the children to produce a rich and factual series of simple, compound and complex sentences during the week. Next week, we look forward to writing a set of persuasive letters about the need to have a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps the children could try writing their own persuasive letter to a relative at home…

In Maths, the children have been taught new strategies to help them solve a range of tricky Healthy Eating division problems, including those that result in answers with remainders. Across the week, both classes have explored how to use the inverse (mental strategies and grid methods) in order to solve and check the accuracy of their answers. This has enabled the children to consolidate their learning on multiplication and refer to known multiplication facts to enhance the efficiency of their workings.

We hope you all have an enjoyable weekend,

Miss Honeywell and Mr Austin.


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