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Welcome back to St. Peter’s Catholic primary school! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and that your feel refreshed for the new Summer term…

This week, the children have been exploring, experimenting and investigating throughout their learning across the curriculum. In Maths, Year 3 have enjoyed learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Both classes have had many opportunities to explore shape through videos, songs and even card games including Top Trumps. The children were excited to work in teams to produce potato prints of 3D shapes – this helped them to study and compare the number of faces, edges and vertices of each 3D shape. Please see the photos below:

potato print 1 potato print 3 potato print 5 potato print 6 potato print 7 potato print 8

In Science, we have started our new topic called Light and Shadow. During the week, the children worked in groups to conduct an experiment and investigate which classroom materials were the best at blocking a path of light. We were very impressed by the scientific vocabulary used by the children as they were collecting their sets of results! Well done Year Three.

In English, the children have begun to explore their new Dragons topic by learning how to produce an informative blog post and newspaper article about a local dragon sighting! Having found a precious dragon’s egg within their classrooms and watched a series of news reports, Year 3 have confidently produced an informative and detailed account of the key events they witnessed.

We hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday,

Miss Honeywell and Mr Austin

Creativity and problem solving


This week the children have enjoyed a range of different activities across their curricular learning.

In English, Year Three have drafted and edited their public speeches as a Roman governor. The children were then given an opportunity to perform the persuasive speeches in front of their peers, taking care to vary their use of facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice so as to engage the audience.

In Maths, the children have enjoyed learning about equivalent fractions and how to represent them in a variety of ways e.g. number lines, drawings and shape pictures. As the week progressed, the children began to study the relationship between the numerator and the denominator. They were then able to apply what they had learned to a range of tricky division bar models.

On Thursday, we had our Year Three D&T day. The children had a brilliant time researching, designing, building and decorating their own Roman forts. We were impressed by the children’s creativity and determination. In particular, Year Three collaborated effectively to saw their wooden batons and build them into secure cubic frames to support their forts. Well done Year Three!


Roman fort 2

3H Lions Roman Forts


Roman fort 1

3H Lions Roman Forts


Roman fort 3

3A Hippos Roman Forts


On Friday, Year Three took part in 6C Day. The children attended an assembly in the morning about the wonderful work of the Hampshire Air ambulance services. In light of the assembly, all of the students visited different classrooms to explore a range of different problem-solving and collaborative activities. Please see the photos below of the Origami Stars challenge…


6c origami stars 1

6C Day origami stars


6c day origami stars 2

6C Day origami stars


We hope you all have a lovely Easter. Please see the link below for our weekly RE newsletter.



See you next term!

Miss Honeywell and Mr Austin