Hurray for the hats!


We had a wonderful CAFOD day raising lots of money for this wonderful charity. We saw a variety of weird and wonderful hats that certainly brightened our day!



Thank you for spending the time with the children to make the hats-it certainly showed a great deal of creativity!

This week in our Maths we have continued to explore mental multiplication and division. The children have grown in their confidence of when and how to use their mental maths skills, as shown when we had some very tricky word problems! Maybe your child could write some of their own problems for you or when your at the shops ask the children how many multiplication facts could they make for the eggs in an egg carton!

In our English we have been learning to write persuasively to sell a stone age house! The children have done a great job in using a variety of sentence types, such as rhetorical questions, and very exciting language to do this. I wonder what of yours they could try and sell us?

Have a great week of learning!

Thank you,

Miss. Honeywell and Mr. Austin

Year 3 Team

p.s. Some parents are still having difficulty logging on to Abacus and Bug Club. Children will be given their usernames and passwords again on Monday.



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