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Well we have reached the end of our first half term of learning, and what a lot of learning there has been! The children now all appear to be experts in the Stone Age with many wonderful artifacts being brought in as part of the home learning.

In our final week of fractions for this half term we have been exploring finding fractions of amounts and the children have been able to represent their answers in diagrams and with tools. Keep practising at home with anything you can find!

The children have rewritten the first chapter of Stig of the Dump. We looked at using dialogue to help make our characters come to life and even acted out the scenes ourselves! I wonder if you can come up with what will happen in the rest of the story?

This week also saw our first Mass of the year at Sacred Heart Church, we took the time to reflect on the important role of Mary in our faith. Father Kevin was impressed with the attitude and mature behaviour that the children displayed and so were we! Well done to all those children who came to our Mass.

Thank you to all who have helped us over this half term including our Butser Ancient Farm trip and our Mass at Sacred Heart Church; this is always greatly appreciated and vital to allow us to continue providing these opportunities.

We both hope that you have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,

Mr. Austin and Miss. Honeywell

Stone Age fun!

This week, the children have enjoyed exploring their Stone Age topic in further depth.

On Tuesday 11th October, Year Three were lucky enough to have a visitor from Butser Ancient Farm. During this activity, the children were very excited to learn fun facts about the Stone Age and even handle some of the ancient artefacts. The children have been very engaged across the course of our Stone Age topic – this has been reflected by some of the excellent home learning that they have worked hard to produce. Thank you to all parents who have supported their children in these projects. Photos of the visit and home learning can be seen below…

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In Maths this week, the children have been learning about fractions. In particular we have worked on finding fractions of amounts (e.g. what is half of ten coins?) and shall continue to do so next week. A good home activity to try is to give the children a set of objects from around the house and split them between 2 or 4 hula hoops (in order to calculate halves or quarters of a full set of objects).

In English this week, the children have enjoyed reading Clive King’s Stig of the Dump as part of their latest unit of work (i.e. descriptive writing and narrative). After spending some time at our Nature Trail, the children have produced some brilliant descriptions of the chalk pit from Stig of the Dump. We have been very impressed by the children’s use of adjectives and sensory detail in their writing. Perhaps the children could go on a short walk this weekend, to look around their local environment and find some inspiration for further descriptive writing.

We hope you have a great weekend of learning!

Kind regards

Miss Honeywell and Mr Austin



Hurray for the hats!


We had a wonderful CAFOD day raising lots of money for this wonderful charity. We saw a variety of weird and wonderful hats that certainly brightened our day!



Thank you for spending the time with the children to make the hats-it certainly showed a great deal of creativity!

This week in our Maths we have continued to explore mental multiplication and division. The children have grown in their confidence of when and how to use their mental maths skills, as shown when we had some very tricky word problems! Maybe your child could write some of their own problems for you or when your at the shops ask the children how many multiplication facts could they make for the eggs in an egg carton!

In our English we have been learning to write persuasively to sell a stone age house! The children have done a great job in using a variety of sentence types, such as rhetorical questions, and very exciting language to do this. I wonder what of yours they could try and sell us?

Have a great week of learning!

Thank you,

Miss. Honeywell and Mr. Austin

Year 3 Team

p.s. Some parents are still having difficulty logging on to Abacus and Bug Club. Children will be given their usernames and passwords again on Monday.