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The Year 3 Restaurant Project 2016

The day has finally arrived for Year 3 to run a restaurant for a day. The children are already very excited and looking forward to serving YOU! Thank you for your support – we are expecting a very good turn out indeed.

Unfortunately we will not be feeding the children so please send the children in with a snack to eat at the end of the day after school.

The children have created the dessert in school today and it is currently being chilled in the fridge as we speak.

The plan for tomorrow: The children will be going over to Oaklands throughout the day in small groups of 16 to prepare the meal for the evening.   The children will get the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the meal preparations. We will be taking the children to Oaklands after school where they will be supervised and helping to set up the restaurant and finalising any of the meals.  We would like parents to arrive at 4:30 and the food will be served shortly after arrival.  As previously mentioned, there will be 3 courses. In between courses, we have a selection of performers who will keep you entertained.  We anticipate the meal ending at 6pm.

The Menu:

Starter:  Tomato bruschetta on toasted bread, topped with rocket.


Main: Mixed vegetable Ragu served with spagetti pasta and a side salad.

(Vegetables included: onions, peppers and courgettes)


Dessert: Fruit Jelly topped with whipped cream and a strawberry garnish.


We hope that you enjoy your meal. We ask for a small donation towards the cost of the meal.  Any money left over will be donated to a charity of the children’s choosing.

We are all very excited about tomorrow and hope that any worries have been answered.

Year Three Team!

Tuesday 5th July 2016

Just a few ideas for home learning for Tuesday 5th July 2016:

Maths: Calculating the perimeter. Use this website to remind yourself about how to calculate the perimeter.  Could you have a go at creating your own shapes and calculating the perimeter? Or even calculating the perimeter of you bedroom? Or garden?

Literacy: Today the focus is using inverted commas (speech marks). Use this video to remind yourself about how we can use punctuation to show speech between two characters.  Could you write a conversation between two characters?

Topic: How do the muscles in your body work? Use this webpage to research all about muscles and the skeleton:

Complete the table by identifying the main muscles used when carrying out the following everyday household activities and jobs:

walking up stairs *
drinking *
washing the dishes *
vacuum cleaning *
brushing your teeth *
flushing the toilet *
getting out of bed *
opening a door *