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Heroes week

This week across the school we have been celebrating heroes week!

The children have enjoyed attending many assemblies, led by inspiring heroes.

Today we were lucky enough to have our own special heroine into Year Three, Kristopher’s auntie! She has been a nurse in different A and E departments for 23 years!

She spoke to us about all of her experiences as a nurse and brought lots of interesting items from the hospital. We all had a go applying a sling to each other too. She then applied a plaster cast to Kristopher’s ‘broken’ arm, it was very interesting.

Thank you so much to Andy for coming in and sharing her heroic experiences with us.

Also a big thank you to everyone at home who helped the children with their costumes- they all look fantastic!

Have a lovely and restful half term Year Three- only one term left with each other, let’s make it the best yet!

Miss Shaw and Mrs Stewart

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