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Butser Ancient Farm

On Thursday 11th June 2015, Year Three spent the day at Butser Ancient Farm to learn about life in Britain before the Romans arrived and also discover how it changed once they settled.

The children took part in 4 activities: wattling, clunching, spinning, and a tour of the Roman villa.  We even had time to visit the gift shop. The children took part in all of the activities very sensibly and didn’t give up with the trickier activities.  For more information on these activities, please click the link below:

The children were impeccably behaved and it was a pleasure to take them on this school trip. Well Done Year 3!

Photos to be uploaded soon.

Welcome back!

A big welcome back to all of our lovely Year Three’s. We hope you have all had a fun yet restful half term.

We also need to welcome back someone new to our Year Three team – Mrs Stewart! Here are some pictures of her wonderful wedding day- well done Year Three for keeping the presents a secret!

     image (1)

image (2)