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This week in Year Three…

Literacy: This week we have had such fun learning about explanation texts! Did you know how a dishwasher works? I  bet you didn’t know that there are actually cats inside your dishwasher that lick the plates clean! And how about how a toaster works? I bet you don’t know about the fire breathing dragon underground that scorches your toast when you lower it into the toasting machine! We have been learning about the Snoozatron, one of Wallace’s Cracking Contraptions! There are more Cracking contraptions available online. Maybe, this weekend, the children may like to have a go at writing their own explanation for one of the other cracking contraptions or even their own!!

Maths: This week we have continued on our learning journey with division. It is worth reinforcing this learning over the weekend. Why not try dividing HTU by a single digit?

Spelling: The spelling rule for this week is to explore plural endings.

RE: We have been learning about the story of the paralysed man this week. The children could look at another miracle from the bible this week.

Topic: The children have enjoyed our PE lessons in which they have been completing simple circuits. Could they have a go at making up their own circuits for the family to try at home or at the park.


Home Learning

In Year Three we have stared our new topic – Healthy living!

The new homework pyramid went out this week with the children, these will help generate lots of ideas for some fantastic home learning. Remember we check our green homework books every Friday and if the children feel inspired to create anything else that is not on the pyramid they are more than welcome to!

In literacy this week we have been writing complaint letters about a horrendous restaurant experience! Can you think of any formal sentences you could include in a letter of complaint? What other experiences could you write a letter of complaint about?

In numeracy we have been experts at multiplying – can you use an array or grid method to answer any multiplication questions? What would be the most efficient method to use to answer that multiplication question?

Have a lovely weekend Year Three

Miss Shaw and Miss Turner

Staunton Country Park trip

Here are some of the photos from our recent visit to Staunton country Park.  We all had a great day and luckily the weather held.  There were a few puddles to contend with.  We had a guided tour with an adult from staunton who spoke to us about where our food comes from; we got to feed the animals; and we saw the new baby lambs.

staunton 1 sataunton 2 staunton         2staunton 4staunton staunton 1 staunton 4 staunton 5 staunton 6  staunton 8 staunton 9