Monthly Archives: December, 2014

It’s nearly christmas…

This week Year Three have been asked to help Father Christmas with lots of different problems!

First of all Father Christmas had some issues with his reindeer pens and needed to work out the perimeter of them to fit into his field. Luckily the children were very good at working out the perimeter of the pens and were happy to help straight away.

Then Father Christmas asked us to help him measure out the liquids needed for his potions to give him invisibility and to help the reindeers fly! The children entered the potion making lab and again were more than happy to help Father Christmas out.

Well done Year Three, your super maths skills have really helped Father Christmas out!

image         image (3)              image (2)               image (1)


image (4)

Reminder: next Tuesday Year Three will be taking part in the Christmas Carol service at Sacred Heart Church in Waterlooville. The concert starts at 10:15 but we are still in need of parent helpers to walk us to the church. If you would like to help out, please write a note in your child’s diary and be at school on Tuesday to leave at 9am. Hope to see you there!


Shadow Puppets show…

The Shadow Puppet Shows have been completed…Hurrah! Well done to all the children who worked so hard creating the playscripts and the puppets to go along with them.

Unfortunately, at the present time, we are having difficulty uploading examples onto the blog. We will, however, be watching these shows in class over the next couple of weeks!

We have moved on from the Playscripts in Literacy onto our Poetry unit. We are enjoying sharing a range of poetry and exploring language. This topic will continue for the next two weeks.  We have also started to explore the use of light and darkness through Art and thought about the symbolism of the use of Light and Dark in paintings of Religious scenes.