Celtic Day – Friday 17th October 2014

We had a fantastic day on Friday dressed up and experiencing life in as a Celt!

In the morning we did some cave paintings on the walls outside, in the playground.  We used chalk to do this and tried to use earthy and natural colours.  We also had a tour of a Celtic village including the remains of a roundhouse; the readily available nettles for soup; the wheat grinding equipment; and even the luxurious outside toilet facilities! Unfortunately, one of the prize sheep was stolen and we had to invade a neighbouring tribe to retrieve Flopsy! It later emerged that the person responsible for the theft was one of our own tribe members.  We dealt with the culprit accordingly.

In the afternoon, we made amulets, from clay, for the children’s new Celtic names.  We also had the chance to do some weaving using paper.  It was very tricky and took a lot of commitment and collaboration to get them finished.  Some children had time to make some bread. The rest of the children will get the opportunity to make bread on Monday afternoon with Mrs Chapman.

Thank you for all of the support from homw with the costumes.  The children all looked great and really helped to make this experience come to life for the children.

Pictures to follow!

Miss Turner and Miss Shaw






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