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This week in Year 2

Run! Run! As fast as you can!

This week’s learning in English launched our unit on The Gingerbread Man, where we started by the children going on a scavenger hunt to find these items…

The children were then able to rightly identify the story they all came from! It would be great if they could read or listen to some other versions of the story. See if your child can retell the story from memory at home this weekend.

In maths we have been learning to subtract 10 from any number. We have been using dienes to help the children to identify what happens to a number when we subtract 10. We have also begun thinking about taking away 10p in the context of money. At home, it would brilliant if you could get the 10ps out and practice adding and taking away 10p from an amount.

In topic we have followed on from last week’s map drawing by creating our own maps of Waterlooville! If you have any maps at home, it would be great if you could look at them with your child and encourage them to notice what is similar and what is different about them and the other maps we have seen.

We would like to remind you that Friday 1st October is an Inset day.
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 17th September

Another great week of learning in school. If you were unable to make our online Parents Welcome Meeting do click through the slides below to catch up on life in Year 2.





We have also been learning this song to support our learning in RE so you may want to play this with your child.


Friday 10th September

Welcome to Year 2!

What a fabulous start to the year the children have made. The adults in Year 2 have been so impressed by the sensible behaviour and learning effort being made in the first 7 days of the school year.

In English, the children have been exploring the traditional tale “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”. We have retold the story and then explored exciting vocabulary to describe the troll. Ask your children all about the words ‘stubborn’, ‘monstrous’ and ‘sly’ and see if they can explain what they mean!

In maths, we have been really thinking about numbers and the number system. The children have been representing numbers using a range of tools such as numicon, dienes and place value counters, and have been demonstrating their understanding of what each digit is worth.

This term our topic is ‘This way or that way’ and we will be learning about countries, oceans and continents. We will share more about our learning over the course of the term.


In science, we are learning about living things and their habitats. This week we developed our scientific thinking by sorting items in different ways, then identifying which were alive and not alive. We discovered that living things all breathe, grow, move and reproduce.


We would like to just remind you that our welcome meeting will be at on Thursday 16th September at 4pm. We look forward to seeing you then.