Monthly Archives: June, 2021

Our Carnival

On Friday we celebrated our whole school carnival. We very much enjoyed learning and performing our kenyan song ‘Jambo Bwana’. We played instrumentals to go along with the rhythm of the song. As you can see in our photos below, we created our own Massai masks, Kenyan flags and decorated our own banners to bring the carnival to life.


Masai Warrior Masks in Maths

  1. We have been combining our knowledge of  2D shapes to design tribal African  masks. We had to ensure that we chose shapes to match the criteria given. 

This week in Year 2

We’ve had an incredibly fun week at school especially during our Sports Day on Tuesday morning. Children participated in a carousel of activities where they had to score as many points as possible!

Congratulations to YELLOW team who came in first place!

Children then took part in running races against each other. All the children were great sports and cheered each other on enthusiastically! Congratulations to the children who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall in their races. 


Habitat Madness!

We have been having a very creative day in school and have been making our habitat dioramas. We have used our designs to make 3d models. the final pictues will be added soon but for now, here is our work in progress update!