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Our Liturgy

This week we celebrated our Liturgy together with the theme of Pentecost, marking it as the birthday of the Church.  And, as with any birthday celebration, there were balloons, banners and party games during the liturgy, in this case pass the parcel.  As each layer was unwrapped, a different gift of the Holy Spirit was revealed and shared with the children.

This week in Year 2

This week we enjoyed a drama workshop with the company ‘Perform’. We went on an adventure under the sea and were able to explore different movements whilst being octopi, starfish and stingrays! The children were able to move to the music and had the opportunity to work in groups.



This week in Year 2


In Computing we have been using Scratch to create and debug simple programs. The children followed their plan, ‘I am Special’, to help create their own avatar, or to paint their own Sprite.

We carefully considered different backgrounds to represent their personalities, likes and dislikes.

Have a look at some of our work below!

Don’t forget, the children can have a practise at this at home by visiting

Then click on ‘Create’ at the top. Enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 2 Team