Friday 9th October 2020

Hello everyone,

This week in Maths we have been using coins to solve problems such as:

Mr Twit has some coins in his pocket.

 He has 2 and 1 bronze coin.

What coins could he have?

 What is the greatest/ least amount he could have?

The children have done very well with this. Why don’t you challenge your child to make different amounts from the coins you have at home? In these strange times, where we’re using cash less, it is important to keep knowledge of coins familiar.

For our longitudinal study this week, we have explored the Prayer and Secret Gardens in our school, looking for pollinators. We learnt that pollinators are creatures which carry pollen from plant to plant, enabling the production of fruit/seeds to make new plants. Well done to Max who worked out that there must be pollinators in the sea too!

For Home Learning, this week please log in to SumDog. Last week a number of children didn’t start the Sum Dog challenge. Please email the school if you need your child’s password/username details reissued. In addition, any time spent on Phonics Play will be time very well spent indeed!

Have a great weekend everyone – wrap up warm and enjoy the sunshine 🙂

Team 2.

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