Monthly Archives: June, 2019

Kenyan Carnival!

What a wonderful afternoon sharing our Kenyan artwork with the whole school and our families. The children enjoyed dressing up with their Kenyan masks and performing the songs they had learnt.

Have a wonderful weekend.

From the year 2 team.

The First Moon Landing!

The children have really hooked into their new topic this half term learning all about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

They have enjoyed watching the video for the first time as if it was 1969 and we were all excited to watch the big event take place.

We then acted out what it would have felt like for Neil to have took his first step out of the rocket and onto the moon. Our writing from this has been very descriptive and we are excited to perform it to each other as if this is a recount of us being there.

Don’t forget it’s our carnival on Friday 21st June so the children need to come dressed in bright clothes to match our Kenyan theme.

From the year 2 team.

Pentecost Liturgy

Welcome back to the second part of the summer term. Lots of exciting things are still happening on the lead up to the end of the year!

The children took part in their final liturgy in year 2 all about Pentecost. We had a party to celebrate the Church’s birthday and learnt about the gifts of the Holy Spirit sent to us at Pentecost.

Many thanks to all the families that were able to celebrate with us. Here are some photos:

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

From the year 2 team.