Monthly Archives: May, 2019

Happy Half Term!

The children have had yet another wonderful half term. They have enjoyed publishing their non-fiction Kenya writing to inform others about the similarities and differences between our country and Kenya.

In maths we have been focusing on subtracting on a number line and using our number bond facts to 20 to improve our mental fluency.

In Science we have been looking at what seeds need to grow and whether or not all plants have leaves! Lots of lovely investigate work has been happening.

We hope you all have a wonderful break.

From the year 2 team.

Statistics in Maths!

The children had a great week exploring bar charts and pictograms and identifying what they thought the data would be trying to tell us.


They then went on to collecting their own data. We asked the children to find out ‘Which fruit is the least popular?’ This was so that we could tell Mrs Gray in the kitchen which fruit to not buy to save it from being wasted. The children created tally charts and then displayed the information on a bar chart and a pictogram. They then talked about what they found out.

In English we have been finishing writing our information texts about Kenya to inform the rest of the school what life is like there compared to England.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Year 2 team.


Maths Games!

This week the children designed and made maths games to help with recalling their maths facts. They then enjoyed sharing them with their friends in groups.

The children have also enjoyed finishing writing to the head teachers within the local area about Sun Safety.

We have set class maths challenges on Sum Dog. Please could you encourage your children to log in and complete them to improve their fluency.

We hope you have a good weekend.

From the year 2 team.

Science- Plants!

This week we have started growing our seeds in different ways:

a seed that is planted sideways in the soil, a seed that is planted the correct way and a seed that is planted upside down. The children then looked at the results to see if they predicted correctly as to whether or not it matters which way round you put the seed into the soil!

In English the children have also began to write their facts about sun safety to use in their letters to the head teachers in the area informing them on how to keep their children safe in the sun.

In maths the children have been creating their own maths board games with a partner to develop their mental methods for solving problems.

Please continue to encourage your children to practise their times tables- 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

We hope you have a great bank holiday weekend.

From the year two team.