Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Gardening in the sunshine!

What a beautiful week we have had at school! Even though it has been hot the children have shown excellent commitment to their learning. Our writing in English has been very impressive with some brilliant stories based on the Queen’s hat and a newspaper report to help find the Queen’s hat!

We have also enjoyed planting some seeds this week in Science. All the children are having a go at growing peas and recording over time what they see happening as well as understanding exactly what plants need to grow!

DSCN0257 DSCN0258 DSCN0259 DSCN0260 DSCN0261 DSCN0262 DSCN0263

Have a wonderful weekend.

From the year 2 team.

Staunton fun!

We had a fantastic day at Staunton. Thank you to everyone who was able to help, it is always much appreciated. The sun was shining and the children had such wonderful hands on experiences with the animals.

We are looking forward to writing about our trip on Monday.

Image (1) Image (2) Image (3) Image Image-1 (1) Image-1 (2) Image-1 (3) Image-1 (4) Image-1 Image-2 (1) Image-2 (2) Image-3 (1) Image-3 (2) Image-3 Image-4 (1) Image-4 Image-6

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

From the year 2 team.


This week the children have enjoyed using measuring jugs and water to estimate and measure capacity. We had some wonderful mathematical language come from the children during the activities.

DSCN0188 DSCN0189 DSCN0190 DSCN0191 DSCN0192 DSCN0194 DSCN0195

The children have also been hooked into their new topic which is ‘Where in the World’. We have enjoyed looking at a map of the school and walking around identifying all the physical features.

DSCN0222 DSCN0223 DSCN0224 DSCN0225 DSCN0226 DSCN0227

Just a reminder to parents/carers who haven’t returned their child’s permission slip for Stanton if they could do so by Monday 12th June. Many thanks to the parents who have already offered to help. If anyone else would be available on the Wednesday that would be great. Please let Mrs Layton or Miss Allen know.

Have a lovely weekend

From the year 2 team.